Speak God’s Truth To Power!

My friend and sister in Christ, Lizzie

Good morning everyone and God bless you!  It was a rough weekend for me evangelizing on Twitter.  We are in a spiritual war and it has become extremely hateful and violent in this country.  There were many battles over the weekend and the Lord put me deep in the fray.  My comments to Trump lit up and it brought a wave of hate my way.  I was even called evil for preaching God’s Truth about abortion, gender, and sexuality.  God’s Truth is not evil and I will not back down from speaking it!  The flaming arrows of hate from the evil one didn’t matter.  God gave me victory and the Gospel was preached, amen!  The victories continued when a good friend and sister in Christ I know on Twitter even went from Twitter to Fox and Friends where she spoke the truth about California’s homeless crises and preached the Gospel to the whole nation and beyond!  Nothing is impossible for God!  You never know when the Lord might use you in mighty ways you never thought possible!

Here is the link to the video clip from Fox and Friends this morning!

Lizzie’s Interview with Fox and Friends

My friend’s name is Lizzie and she lives in Northern California near Sacramento.  She has had a hair salon in downtown Sacramento for the last 15 years.  She is a bold woman for Jesus with a powerful testimony of deliverance from drug addiction.  Both her and her husband came to Jesus and were set free a few years ago!  Praise God!

The reason Lizzie was invited to be on Fox and Friends on national television was because she tweeted the Governor of California regarding the epidemic of homelessness, crime, and drug addiction in Sacramento.  After 15 years running a successful business, Lizzie is closing her doors because of the dangerous conditions that exist in downtown Sacramento.  Both for her safety and the safety of her clients.

Every morning, for too many years, she has had to clean human feces and urine off the sidewalk in front of her shop.  She also has had to clean up drug needles and trash and her shop was broken into twice in the past six months.  The liberal policies have become so degenerate in California that there are tent cities up and down the sidewalk, and the cops say they can’t do anything about it.  I saw them for myself in L.A. when we visited California in July.  It is real bad around LAX!

Many times there are people laying down in front of Lizzie’s shop door and they won’t move.  They just live there and there is no help for them because that is the way California is now.  I have love and compassion for the homeless, and I have done a lot of street ministry in Denver, but it is not okay to let people shoot up drugs and defecate right on the sidewalks of America!  Look at what liberals have done to that beautiful state!  Such a shame.

I pray the Governor listens to Lizzie!  I’m with Lizzie, Governor Newsom, what are you going to do for the hardworking Americans of Sacramento that run businesses and pay all your exorbitant taxes?  Once you run all the hardworking law abiding people out of town, what will you have left?  Drug addiction, crime, homelessness, and violence, that’s what you will have.  Provide shelters for the homeless and help them get off the street!

Seriously Mr. Newsom, to be part of the solution, here is an idea for you.  Build shelters where people can get off the street and get safe housing, food/water, and medical help.  Then, work with the churches to help those same people get help for their souls, healing from addiction, and acquire job training.  Do that and you will have an amazing system to help people start a new life!  That is what we do here in Denver with ministries like the Denver Rescue Mission and Christ’s Body Ministries and I have seen people’s lives transformed with my own eyes.  People need Jesus, Governor Newsom!  Work with the churches, and watch how God can bring peace and healing to your streets!

Like I said, the Lord has sent me into street ministry before and I have love and compassion for the homeless.  So does Lizzie!  She is trying to get them help.  The churches can only do so much, especially when the state makes laws that enable and spread the problem!  Enough with the lawlessness and sanctuary cities!  Work hard to solve the problem with love and compassion California!  Only God can fix this mess!

I praise God that He put Lizzie on Fox and Friends!  It is amazing what God can do!  You never know, He may even put you before rulers to speak His Truth to power!

Lizzie received a massive amount of hate and she was persecuted by Twitter for speaking the truth to the Governor.  Twitter even suspended her account.  Just for speaking the truth!  That is the kind of discrimination that is going on in this country when you speak the truth, especially in leftist controlled cities and states.  Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are leftist controlled platforms and they all persecute Christians and it is getting worse.  The left is desperately trying to shut down free speech in this country, especially when it is Christian or conservative speech.  God is on our side.  They are fighting God Himself and they will lose.  I pray they all come to Jesus.

God bless you Lizzie!  Keep standing strong in Jesus, sister!  My wife and I are praying for you and we stand with you!  May God bring great healing and peace to California, our country, and the world!

Grace and peace to you all in the Name of Jesus!

“For nothing is impossible with God.”

Luke 1:37

Cali Jesus sign
Photo by Ryan, Roadside sign in Anaheim, California



Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

35 thoughts on “Speak God’s Truth To Power!”

  1. Preach it, brother! I had similar Twitter experiences; several suggested I was a bot for daring to be skeptical about the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory! I’ve also been having disputes with unbelievers on Quora – in particular one who thinks a damning quote from an evolutionist isn’t valid if it’s quoted by a creationist. *Sighs*

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  2. Wow! It is hard to imagine how so much homelessness exist in a state that has so much wealthy people. I think that everyone – the rich, the buisness people, famous, church and government should come together and work out a solution. Thank you for letting us aware of what is going on in the US. You hardly see these things on mainstream media.

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    1. Thank you Beverley! Unfortunately, there is a lot of homelessness in America. California has been a mess for years due to liberal policies. The media is controlled by the leftists and they hide the truth. I agree, everyone needs to come together for a solution. God bless!


  3. Amen, Ryan. Lizzie was absolutely right for demanding her state officials clean up this shameful problem! Nobody could even imagine our country coming to this, letting the homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicts to be left on their own… the ones who have nothing! It’s shameful!!! We had state mental hospitals forever and then the government stopped funding them. Families didn’t have the money for private care, so sadly so many left home. How elected officials can look the other way is beyond me. The filth, rats, disease, and lack of human respect is appalling. It has to be the evil one because NOBODY in their right heart or soul could want this for their fellow human being! I pray God will help them see the light and fix this sad situatuon. Very good blog, Ryan. I pray for Lizzie.

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  4. “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

    We can take solace in this scripture alone. Keep up the good fight brother and remember that no one can come against you and win when God is for us. If your friend Lizzie is reading, God bless you and my prayers are with you. Keep up the good life.

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