Great Books

Here are some great books to help strengthen your faith and assist you in studying the Bible (which is the #1 Book I recommend of course).  I’ll keep adding to the list in the future.  I hope and pray you enjoy them as much as I did!  God bless you!

The Exodus Case

“The Exodus Case: New Discoveries of the Historical Exodus” by Dr. Lennart Moller

The world hides the findings in this book!  These people found the true Red Sea crossing site by using the Bible as a map!  They dove down into the Gulf of Aqaba off Nuweiba Beach (On the Egyptian side of the Gulf), and what they found will blow your mind!  I’m talking a perfect under water land bridge deep under water stretching all the way across from Egypt to Saudi Arabia (which was ancient Midian).

They found Mt. Sinai (Mt. Horeb) too and it is charred black on top from where God descended on the mountain to speak with Moses!  They found all the other markers the Bible talks about too–the palm trees, the altar to the golden calf, all of it!  You need to see this archaeological evidence for yourself!  The chariot wheels they found at the bottom of the Red Sea are as real as the remains of the Titanic.  You want proof that the Bible is true?  You need to read this!  There is also an old movie called “The Exodus Revealed” that is a companion to the book.  Check them both out!  It is amazing!  The world talks about the Titanic all the time.  Why doesn’t the world know about this?  Because it proves the Bible is true, that’s why!  They don’t want you know.


The End

“The End: A Complete Overview of Bible Prophecy and the End of Days” by Mark Hitchcock. 

This is an incredible resource for studying the end times and Bible prophecy.  If you want help understanding Revelation and Daniel, or you have ever wanted to dive deeper into understanding prophecy, then this is your definitive book on the subject!  Mark Hitchcock has written over 20 books on end times Bible Prophecy, he is the senior Pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, and he serves as an adjunct faculty member of Dallas Theological Seminary.  He is also a humble servant of God who I have enjoyed speaking with over email on several occasions.  Powerful book!






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