Fed Up 2020


Hello friends and family. I hope this blog post finds you all well. This post will be a bit different. This is just me talking with my friends and family in the living room and being honest and blunt like I always am. I am fed up with some things and I’m going to talk about it straight.

Real quick, WordPress recently changed their entire platform to something called the block editor. This is my first time using the new blogging format (using the classic block), so hope this works out well. I’m not a big fan of it so far, especially since I’ve spent the last 2 years blogging on the old platform.

We have lived in Florida for a little over one month now. It has been a blessing, but it has not been without challenges or spiritual warfare. Just the other morning, on the same day of the closing on the sale of our home in Colorado, I logged in to my credit card and there were fraudulent charges (again) that had been made online somewhere by some internet criminal. Many of you know, the second day we arrived here just 4 weeks ago, my wallet was stolen and the guy went on a massive shopping spree with my card. He is in jail now by the way. By the time they got the warrant, he was already in jail for something else. Anyway, it was horrible seeing more fraudulent charges on my card just a few weeks later and I just about lost it!

It’s all worked out, yet again, but it shook me up. Seriously, what are the chances of being robbed twice in one month? It’s ridiculous! It is not a good feeling and I appreciate prayers of protection for me and my family. It is definitely spiritual warfare.

My wife and daughter were just at Walmart the other day and my wife had her mask down for a moment. As she walked by the check out section, some big tall guy (my wife said he was at least 6’3″) from New York City yelled at her, “The mask only works if it’s on your face!” in his arrogant and boisterous New York City accent. I’ll tell you what folks, I didn’t move down here to Florida to deal with some mouthy arrogant New York City liberal. We left Colorado because of what liberals from California, Seattle, and Portland did to our beautiful state, but even there we were never yelled at like that.

I am loving and forgiving in the Name of Jesus, but that guy is lucky I wasn’t there to defend my wife. Real tough guy picking on a woman with her daughter. I would have told him to shut his mouth and get right with Jesus. I also probably would have let him know that his fear doesn’t limit my freedom and I would have said a few words about how stupid it is he believes Cuomo’s lies…and hopefully I wouldn’t have to get rough. Word of advice, don’t pick on a man’s wife and kids. You won’t like how the man responds.

I am beyond fed up with all of this virus bull crap! It is so in your face political it is nauseating! Wake up! The masks are mind control pushed by liberal psychos trying to force their socialist new world order on you! You want to wear a mask, go wear one! If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t wear one. But if you wear a mask, don’t go acting all rude and crazy yelling at total strangers in public! It is threatening and aggressive to people and you might find yourself on the wrong end of a husband’s desire to protect his wife and kids.

I love Jesus, and the Bible says love always protects. I will defend my family with physical force if I have to, and that is loving, not violent. I can preach after the threat is stopped. Savvy? Yelling and mouthing off at someone in public can lead to violence. If someone is yelling at me or my family, then I will prepare to defend myself and my family in case that strange person gets violent. I’m not putting up with this crap anymore people. I love God, I love my family, and I love my country and I have had enough with the liberals and their wickedness and violence! For crying out loud, we moved all the way down to Florida because of what has happened to our country!

I’m Conservative, I’m a Christian, and I’m Trump2020 all day, and I will fight back for my family! You angry liberals up in NYC should stay out of Florida and keep your mouths shut! Your Governor is a joke trying to blame DeSantis for Covid rates in NYC! Cuomo is just using DeSantis as a scapegoat because he doesn’t want people focusing on the fact he killed thousands of seniors in nursing homes with his mandate to put Covid patients in nursing homes! If Cuomo wants to blame somebody, he needs only to look in the mirror. We don’t need you liberals messing up Florida like you did NYC and Colorado and California, and everywhere else you go. You will never make this a socialist country and we Patriots will be here to crush every violent Marxist fit you throw!

Don’t come down here to Florida mouthing off acting like some tough guy. You New Yorkers stand out like a sore thumb down here with your loud mouths and rude attitudes. You’re not tough like you think you are. You are pathetic and there are plenty of good old boys down here who are more than willing to prove you wrong and shut your filthy liberal mouths up and send you back to NYC with your tail between your legs. We are sick of your violence and hatred and it ends in 2020! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!

I guarantee you that guy wouldn’t have been mouthing off at my wife like that if I had been there. I’m 6’1″ and even after Celiac I would have gone toe to toe with that liberal coward. Nobody is mouthing off at my wife like that, mask or no mask. It’s sickening what the violent anti-American leftist media propaganda has done to this country. I have been fed up with their liberal brainwashing crap for a very long time, and I will speak bold truth about it… and I don’t care if you don’t like it, so don’t waste my time about my tone. The godless horde of democrats started this war and they wanted this fight. We Patriots are just here to finish it! Those socialist liberal traitors will be conquered very soon!

By the way, I am also locked out of my Parler account. That is something else that happened along with all the other fun stuff mentioned here. If you have tried to contact me on Parler and I haven’t responded, that’s why.

I got a new cell phone number recently and that’s the problem. I was logged out of Parler when the number changed and now I can’t log in because Parler is using the old phone number to send me the log in code by text. I have contacted support and they said I need to provide my username, but I don’t have one. Parler’s log in process uses an email or phone number and a password to log in. I never had a username. It is ridiculous. Parler support isn’t helping even though I am emailing them from the email on file and I gave them the correct old phone number. So, I guess I am eternally locked out of my Parler account. Oh well, I’m not making another one.

I am just fed up with all of it. Social media, Covid, masks, raving lunatic liberals throwing fits they call revolutions. I’ve had enough. Thinking about taking a long break. Take a stand people before we lose our country to liberal madness. Fight back with the truth and don’t be scared to speak it! Its now or never.

We will definitely be heading back to the beach soon, but not until Laura and Marco are done roaring through the Gulf. We are okay down here along the southwest coast. Just getting some rain and lightning on our side, which happens every day anyway. We are praying for all those in the path of the storms!

I love this great country and I am praying that God gives the God fearing Patriots who love Him great victory over those who spread immorality and violence like a plague through our nation! May the Lord spread revival and healing, and bring justice to all lawlessness!

Grace and peace

“Let a righteous man strike me–it is a


let him rebuke me–it is oil on my


My head will not refuse it.

Yet my prayer is ever against the deeds

of evildoers;

their rulers will be thrown down

from the cliffs,

and the wicked will learn that my

words were well spoken.”

Psalm 141:5-6