Prayer Request For A Friend

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Hello everyone and God bless you all!  After the longest winter ever, I have been enjoying time with my family and we are spending a lot of time outside.  Today we went to our town’s summer fair.  The kids loved the rides and my wife and kids were even able to eat at a food truck serving gluten free chicken street tacos.  A few days ago we were at our neighborhood pool and we ran into an old friend.  He ended up telling us that his wife passed away in October of 2018 due to Frontotemporal (Frontal Lobe) Dementia (FTD).  She was only 39.  Our friend is 44 and he is a single Dad now with three kids.  I let him know we would be praying for him and asked if he had good support from a church.  He goes to church and he has a lot of family support here in town, which is a blessing.  He also lives in our neighborhood now, so we will most likely see him at the pool again.  I hope to be a blessing to him as God sees fit.  Christian prayer warriors, please pray for him and for his kids.

Grace and peace to you all!



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  1. They are in my prayers, Ryan. It must be such a shocking and hard time for him. If only we could realize each day how precious the time we have with one another truly is. I’ts good you were able to talk together, I’m sure it must have been a comfort to him.

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