How God Speaks

garage 1

Hello everyone and God bless you all!  Well, it is snowing again today.  I had to shovel a path, so I could take out the trash.  It is bitter cold too!   My phone says 18 degrees right now, but thankfully it is much warmer in the garage.  This post will be a bit different.  I’ve been showing more photos lately and I like photos.  I like seeing where people are from and how they live, so today I’d like to invite you to my garage.  This is my outdoor den and man cave.  I hang out in here a lot because I spend a lot of time outside in the summer and winter doing the chores of owning a home.  I also want to talk to you about how God talks to me and how He reminds of His Word that is written on my heart.  I hope it helps people understand how God and His Word are living and active in our daily lives!

garage 3

It’s been coming down pretty good.  Check out the walls of snow built up on each side of our driveway from all the other snow I shoveled the last couple storms.  This new snow today made me think about my snowblower again because I will be shoveling again today.  As I was watching the snow come down feeling the bitter 18 degree wind hit my face, I thought about how I need to fix the snowblower, but I don’t know how to fix it.  I can fix many things and I am usually the handy man in our home, but taking apart a snowblower engine is not something I’ve learned.  Sure, I could watch a YouTube video and I have done that many times with other things.  I might still do that, but this machine is fairly new at only a few years old and I think it might be better to leave this one to a gear head pro.  That is hard for me though and God knows that.

garage 7

The other day my wife called a guy who fixes these things, and I talked with him for a little bit.  I didn’t set anything up yet, but told him I would let him know.  When I was putting out the trash this morning, I started to think about how I don’t like having another man come to my house to fix things.

My father in law taught me an amazing amount of information on how to fix everything in our house.  When my wife and I first moved into this home 12 years ago, he flew out here and he and I finished the basement together.  It was an awesome learning experience and so cool to build our own basement!  Thank you for all of that!  He built the house my wife grew up in and he built several rental properties that he has managed for many decades.  The man can fix anything!  I also grew up working landscaping, so I know how to work the yard and fix sprinkler systems.  I know my tools and I can get it done right.  I really don’t like asking another guy to come to my house to fix something I feel I should be able to fix.  This is my domain and yes, I am very territorial and protective, both spiritually and physically.

Then the Lord started speaking to my heart and I thought of this verse:

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

1 Peter 5:6

My next thought was, “Isn’t it prideful to not ask for help?  Would you rather get help and have it fixed or keep shoveling?”  This made me smile and laugh, and I thanked the Lord for showing me these things.  I praise Him that He speaks to me straight up with great love!  Yes, Lord, it is prideful to not ask for help.  Even now I am struggling with the thought of having a “handy man” come to the house.  Why?  Because I am my wife’s handy man!

garage 9
My friend and I built that system of shelves.

However, even now God is reminding me that He cares for me and I have been thinking maybe He is sparing my body from any stress or injury from working on it.  He knows the shoveling is rough and it needs to be fixed.  He also knows the amount of work it will take to fix the snowblower.  I have no way to lift that thing into the back of my truck and due to what Celiac did to my muscles and bones, I am not even messing with that crazy heavy machine!  I dislocated a rib a couple years ago trying to lift a heavy box out of the closet.  It popped back into place by the grace of God, but not looking for that to happen again.

garage 2
My Chevy truck. The kids named him Thunder.

garage 5

garage 6
The Peace sign, eagle, and snowboarder dude are from the Never Summer snowboard company here in Denver. I ride a NS Legacy. The 1:16 sticker is from Lecrae for Romans 1:16. The bottom two are Christian radio stations we listen to.

garage 10

garage 12
Love this old school Winchester thermometer. They make great guns and ammo. So thankful for the insulated garage door we upgraded to a few years ago!

garage 13

garage 8

That auger is pretty sweet and it can move a whole bunch of snow!  I keep it real clean.  I do the oil changes, Sta-bil in the gas, check and replace the shear pins, and I even put on custom skid plates (which was fun and easy).  I like to upgrade and customize my tools just like I do my guns.  The metal skid plates were a mess, but the new ones glide like a hockey puck!  This thing is a monster when it’s working!  I miss the snow throwing power and so does my lower back!

So, I have a choice to make.  Ask for help or keep shoveling.  Lord Jesus, please give me a humble heart and wisdom to make the right decision, amen!  It’s awesome how You speak to us!  Thank You Lord!

garage 15

Back inside where it’s warm and cozy!

house 1

house 2

It’s awesome how God speaks to His children!  He cares for us and knows what’s best.  May we all listen to Him with humble hearts!

Grace and peace to you all!


These are pictures from shoveling snow on Tuesday.

ryan shovels 1

ryan shovels 2

This is the dinner my wife made that was ready right after I was done shoveling!  This is what a free range organic chicken looks like.  Thank You Lord for chickens!  Thank you honey for making such a nice dinner!  I was thinking about eating this while I was huffing snow.  So good!

chicken dinner 1

It’s kind of funny to look at when it’s the whole bird!  Looks like it could get up and run away!  It was delicious!  God bless you all!









Author: Ryan Callahan

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27 thoughts on “How God Speaks”

  1. I like the workout shoveling snow gives me. I shovel my driveway, and the neighbours on either side. My neighbour on the left is 93 and the neighbour on my right is 82 with a heart condition. Though yesterday we had snow which turned to rain, so each shovelful was pretty heavy. I was dreaming of a snow blower than. Thanks for sharing part of your life Ryan, and your photos, it’s always interesting as to how our fellow bloggers live.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That chicken looks GREAT! I can so totally relate to what you’re saying about having a handyman come to your home. Not because it bothers me one iota.. but I see your hesitation in my husband. Must be a guy thing. LOL. Love the post and pics. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No, I don’t mess with my truck or my wife’s car. I change bulbs and wipers, but not the oil change. I could do the oil change, but it’s a pain and there is a family owned shop called Pride Auto that I trust. Great guys down there. I just mean with stuff around the house. I will call a repair guy though for things like the furnace, sump pump, and A/C. Good question brother, God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi brother I think guys don’t like to ask for help but there are times when we have to like when someone a disabled person or person in their 80’s plus then they need other times we don’t want people to touch our stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok that’s good. For a guy if we are into tools of computers technology etc we don’t want it messed with or moved. God bless you too and stay warm.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. You made the right decision, Amen! I hope it gets fixed before the next snow. It’s been quite the winter here, too. -9 today. Tomorrow -28. Probably no school. The baked chicken looks soooo good!

    Liked by 1 person

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