Prayer For Pittsburgh

We are with you Pittsburgh
“People walk under the U.S. and Israeli flags projected on the walls of Jerusalem old city, Oct. 28, 2018, organized by the Jerusalem municipality to show solidarity with the Pittsburgh Jewish community following the shooting attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.” MENAHEM KAHANA, AFP/Getty Images

I wanted to take a moment and share a prayer for Pittsburgh that I tweeted out a few days ago on Saturday October 27, 2018.  The evil that took place against our Jewish brothers and sisters on Saturday at the Tree of Life Synagogue was an act of the devil.  We all know this.  This is the spiritual war Paul talked about in Ephesians 6:12 and there are real casualties and real lives are shattered in the process.  I want you to know that God can heal any wound and He can turn any tragedy on earth around for good.  These crimes are unimaginable and they are happening with more frequency as the end approaches, but we need to remain strong in the Lord and trust that He is sovereign over all things.  We need to turn to Him and press deep into His loving embrace.  May the comfort of the Lord be with God’s people!

Please pray in agreement with me for the Tree of Life Jewish community, the City of Pittsburgh, and the world.  So far, 68 people have “liked” this prayer on Twitter and 20 have retweeted it.  Where two or more are gathered in His Name (Matthew 18:20), there He is among us, so how powerful is it when we pray together worldwide in great numbers?  Very powerful…and effective!  Let us lift our voices as one people in Christ as we approach God with freedom and confidence and ask Him for this!

Prayer for Pittsburgh


Our hearts and souls are with all the families of Tree of Life Synagogue.

God be with you both now and forevermore.  Grace and peace to all of you.

Pic quote Psalm 34 v 18




Author: Ryan Callahan

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12 thoughts on “Prayer For Pittsburgh”

  1. Amen. I know God has received so many touching and beautiful prayers like yours. Thank you for bringing us all together to pray for all these cherished people. God bless their families and community.

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