Ryan’s Art Gallery

Gallery foyer

Hello everyone!  I know many of you appreciate art and you enjoy visiting galleries.  Would you like to visit an art gallery today?  Well, c’mon in!  There is one right here in my house!

My wife and I love art.  We bought many of the pieces on a cruise we took many years ago.  Others were purchased in other countries, and we picked up some pieces at places like the summer art festival in our town park and cool shops here in Colorado.  We love visiting the different booths of all the talented artists!

I apologize for any glare that is on the paintings.  I took these photos with my phone.  Welcome to my home!  Enjoy!

The picture above is of our entryway foyer.  We have the hallway lined with several ocean themed pieces from the cruise.  We have the certificates of authenticity for all of the art somewhere.  I can’t remember the names of all the paintings.  They are all signed and numbered.  We picked out most of the frames and had them framed professionally.

Gallery sea view
French Artist Jean-Claude Picot
Gallery boats
Russian Artist Alex Pauker
Gallery foyer boats
I don’t remember who the artist is on this one, sorry.
Gallery favorite
This is one of my favorites!  It’s called “Coastview” by J. Askin
Gallery Seaside Village
That is our big piece by Alex Pauker called Seaside Village
Gallery Seaside Village 2
Seaside Village by Alex Pauker
Gallery living room
Living Room
Gallery mountains
We got this from a local artist at the town art festival.  It is a picture of Telluride, Colorado that he turned into a picture on canvas.
Gallery bears
This is a real oil on canvas painting called “Evening Dip” by Bonnie Marris

I would like to show you my wife’s piano studio now.

Gallery piano room view
Piano Studio

Gallery piano guest chair

Gallery asian scroll
We got this from the Voice of the Martyrs ministry.  The Bible verse written in Chinese is Hebrews 13:3 “Remember them that are in bonds…”  There is great persecution against Christians in communist China.  Pray for them!
Gallery piano musicians
I really like this one by Jean-Claude Picot!
Gallery piano bridge
Devon Carnishe, England by Ukrainian Artist Anatole Krasnyansky
Gallery piano Paris
My wife bought this in Paris many years ago from a man who was painting this picture on the street at this very location!  The Artist is unknown, but how beautiful!
Gallery piano night
La Porta St. Louis, Quebec by Italian Artist Littorio Del Signore
Gallery piano
Wyman Baby Grand Piano

Gallery piano inside

Gallery piano front

Gallery piano woman
French Artist Emile Bellet.  His paintings are famous for the mysterious woman in his paintings.  I love this one!  It is my favorite piece in the piano studio!
Gallery piano asian stick
This was a wedding gift from a good friend of mine in college.  She bought this beautiful hand carved wooden art in Vietnam.  It says Faith, Hope, Love.

I hope you enjoyed the piano studio!  Now I would like to take you up stairs. 

First here is a painting in the hallway leading to the powder bath just off the foyer.

Gallery open window
I can’t remember the artist on this one, but I like it.
Gallery calvary 2
This is right next to the front door.  My Mom bought me this in Castle Rock. There is a hidden picture in it. Can you see it?
Gallery calvary 1
Here is a close-up. Sorry about the glare.  Do you see the Native Americans taking the horses?  The calvary soldier sure doesn’t!
Gallery 3 pics
These are at the top of the stairs. We bought these from a local photographer at the town art festival.
Gallery upstairs
Artist Jean-Claude Picot
Gallery turtle
My wife bought this in Hawaii.
Gallery Kinkade
“The Cross” by Thomas Kinkade

There is some art in the kitchen too, so let’s go!

Gallery kitchen

I bought that painting of Jesus directly from Akiane Kramarik’s gallery.  She painted that by a miracle of God when she was only 8 years old!  That is the painting of Jesus that the little boy from the book/movie “Heaven is for Real” looked at and said, “Yep, that’s Him!”  I had some guy freak out on me on Twitter once and tell me that painting is idolatry.  Let me be clear, NO it is not!  That is what ridiculous legalistic people think!  It is a painting of Jesus that happened by a miracle.  It is not an idol!  It is not some graven image I bow down to like a golden calf for crying out loud!  It is a beautiful miraculous painting done by the power of the Holy Spirit through a little girl.  God told her He wanted her to paint it and that He would help her do it and it would help people.  Indeed He did and indeed it does!  It encourages our family every day!  Yes, I believe the miracle, and yes, I believe that is what He looks like!  No 8 year old kid I know could ever paint like that!  It is miraculous!

Gallery love verses
Bought this on Amazon. 1 Corinthians 13, the Love verses.
Gallery OT
Bought this on Amazon too. Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Put the Word of God on the walls of your home. There is great blessing in it!
Gallery church
I love this Spanish church by Artist Alex Pauker
Gallery view from kitchen
View from kitchen
Gallery sink view
View from window above the kitchen sink

Well, that about does it!  I hope you enjoyed your tour of our home art gallery!  It’s nice to stop and enjoy some aesthetic beauty now and then.

I appreciate all of you and I pray for all of you!  God bless you all!

Grace and peace to you all!

Jesus Christ is Lord




Author: Ryan Callahan

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  1. Beautiful job on your art gallery. I didn’t recognize a few of them, very pretty and I like the colors of all your artwork. Grear photograph of the inside of your piano, Ryan!! That was fun taking your tour.

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