My Truck Thunder

Psalm 36 v 5

I’d like you to meet Thunder.  No, he is not a person.  He’s my truck!  My kids called him Thunder when they were little because it has a 5.3L V8 and he has a warm roar and rumble as we drive down the street.  It’s not loud like some of the big F250s.  It’s a Chevy Silverado 1500 Z85 Heavy Duty, and it’s just right.  They love sitting in the truck bed, especially on 4th of July!

Truck side view
My truck Thunder!

This post is just for fun this Friday!  I love seeing pictures on all the blogs of where people are from.  It makes me feel closer to them, so I would like to do the same for you!  Happy Friday to all!

It seems silly and materialistic that what you drive can say anything about you at all, but we all love our rides don’t we?!  Well, sometimes.  My Dad let me drive his old Ford Tempo my Senior year in High School.  It didn’t have a radio and we tied the bumper on with rope!  I loved that little blue Tempo though!  Classic!

I drive a truck because I need 4×4 in the winter, it is safe in the mountains, and I want to be able to help people.  It is always useful having a truck in the family.  I once pulled a Christian couple’s car out of a ditch with a Nissan truck I had years ago.  We had a Dodge truck in the family growing up too.  I have gear inside my truck for towing and a military shovel (along with an assortment of other tools and goodies) for digging tires out of mud or snow or what not.  If you are in Colorado, and I see you stuck, I will be the guy in the big black truck that gets you out.

I was also very glad to have a vehicle that could tow a trailer all the way to Seattle when we moved to Alaska for a short time.  I was so sick!  That was back in 2012.  We moved because of the disease.  We closed our daycare business and had to move.  We lived with her Dad for a couple months, but decided Alaska was not for us.  My wife grew up there, and she just couldn’t do it again.  Thankfully, our house never sold here in Colorado, and we ended up coming back home.  Praise God!  I can’t live in Alaska–beautiful in the summer, but way too dark in the winter!

This truck means a lot to me because it reminds me of God’s faithfulness.  I bought it when I was so sick I was having trouble standing up for long periods of time due to the pain in my small intestine.  I traded in a Mazda 3 and the deal God gave me was incredible!  I sold cars right out of college, so I know a bit about car sales, but the deal I got I could have never orchestrated!

They gave me top value for my car, a bunch of cash off because it was “Chevy Truck Month”, and I drove off the lot only owing $14K on a $40K truck!  It was amazing and I drove home in shock praising God!  I was hurting so bad, but the Lord just hooked it up!  I quite literally felt like I was being handed a gift from God!

My father in law and I drove all the way from Denver to Seattle a week before Christmas in 2012.  We even went over Snoqualmie Pass through the Cascade Range in Washington in a snow storm and made it through safely!  People die there all the time in avalanches.  The truck was pulling an 18 foot trailer weighing just under 9,000 pounds the whole way there, and it did great!

The stickers on a guy’s truck say a lot too.  I want to show you my truck stickers.  The Never Summer stickers are from the snowboard company I bought my board from.  I ride an old school Never Summer Legacy.  You have to represent and let people know whether you ski or snowboard in Colorado baby!

Truck back window
That is our bedroom above the garage. See the bathroom to the left with the shampoo bottles in the window–real classy! Hee hee!
Truck stickers
The 1:1Six sticker is from Christian music artist Lecrae.  It stands for Romans 1:16, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”  Those FM stations play great Christian music here in Denver!  Peace to all!
Truck snowboarder sticker
That is my little snowboarder dude from Never Summer! That is exactly what it’s like too! Just flowin’ and vibin’ with the mountain! Praise the Lord!
Truck NS sticker
Never Summer Logo! They get the name from the Never Summer Mountain Range, which is right next to Rocky Mountain National Park.
Truck hood
Lookin’ good Thunder!
Truck inside
Don’t worry, if you are stuck, I’m comin’ to help!

Give thanks to God for everything He has done for you and all He has given you!  He is so faithful to us!

Grace and peace to you all!

Here are a few pictures of our Rose bush out back that I took this morning:

Rose bush




“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

Psalm 107:1

God is faithful





Author: Ryan Callahan

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    1. Nice!!! I was just bumpin’ “Jesus Musik” this morning when I drove to the store. That is some old school Lecrae when he was real young, but I still love it! His new record “Let The Trap Say Amen” is the bomb!


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