Our Last Breath

today is the day of salvation

That is a very hard reality to deal with on this earth isn’t it?  Someday, no matter what, you are going to have a day on this earth where you stop breathing and you die.  I know, I am not trying to be depressing.  This is a message of hope!

None of us know how or when we are going to go.  Will we get old, will we die young?  Only God knows.  My Great Grandfather fell down the stairs one night and hit his head.  It is a very sad story for our family.  I emailed my Mom in Illinois about it before I did this post (thanks Mom!), and this is what she wrote:

“Jake was my Mom’s Dad, so your Great Grandad (we used Grandad for him).  He fell down the basement stairs and hit his head.  My Grandma Pearl said he thought he was opening the bathroom door, which was only a few yards apart.  He had bad eyesight due to cataracts.  Grandad read the Bible every day.  I remember him laying on his iron bed, with one leg hanging over the side, his foot touching the floor, and his Bible in his hands. He often would fall asleep with his Bible on his chest.”

My Great Great Grandfather was struck by lighting one night trying to put the horses in the barn during a storm.  This is what my Mom (thanks again Mom!) wrote about him:

“Your Great Grandpa Ward’s Dad, John, was struck by lighting when Ward was 17 or 18.  There was a very bad thunderstorm, so they both went to the barn to tend to the horses.  When John was at the barn door he was hit by lightning.  It struck his head and left a burned hole in his hat. Ward is Grandpa Ed’s Dad, so John would be your Great, Great Grandpa.”

If you read my book, then you know that I stopped breathing on April 28, 2012 due to anaphylactic shock I suffered from eating oats.  I have Celiac Disease, and at that time I did not know I could not have oats yet.  I am only here and alive today because I was with Jesus when I stopped breathing and He brought me back in the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit.  Yeah, you heard me right!  Why do you think I am on here preaching in the fire of the Spirit day and night!  Check out the “My Book” page for details about my published testimony regarding my very strange supernatural life!

Nope, none of us know when we are going to go.  I stopped breathing when I was 33 and that is when I should have died, but I’m 40 now and I’m still here!  Thank You Jesus!  I love You Lord!

We must take heed of the warnings in the Bible regarding our eternal souls.  We are living in a time of God’s grace when mankind still has a chance to repent and receive Jesus.  Do not waste it!

Paul said it this way to the church at Corinth:

“As God’s fellow workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain.  For he says,

“In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.”

I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”

2 Corinthians 6:1-2

Today, right now, not tomorrow–today is the day of salvation!  Do not mess around with your soul any longer.  It is no joke!  I am not on here playing games folks.  This blog is not just some hobby or something I like to do for fun.  Heaven and hell are real and if you don’t know Jesus, you are not going to Heaven.  That’s a mouthful, I know, but I am commanded by the Lord to warn you.

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

If you have my book, then you know my family lived with a demon in our house for four years when I was in High School (’92 to ’96).  Yes, haunted!  That is why I came to Christ!  That is why I preach with urgency.  I accepted Jesus in college in 1996, encountered two angels in 1998, then 14 years later in 2012 I stopped breathing and the Lord saved me with a miracle!  That is why my book is called “One Man’s Very Strange Supernatural Life.”  All the supernatural strange stuff started when I was 13 and it just kept happening to me throughout my life.  I never know what to expect from God!  The Lord urged me to write a book about it, so I did.  It is my testimony before man and God and I testified to it all!

Let me tell you something, when you are taking your last breath is not the time to be figuring out your eternal soul!  I cried out to Jesus as my breath was leaving me that night, and I was so very glad I was with Him!  You do not want to be dying without Jesus, please just trust me on this.  He is alive!  He was with me!  He told me “It’s okay,” and He protected and comforted me.  I am still here today and I conquered my heart stopping and my breath stopping because of Jesus!  I don’t care if people think I am crazy or not.  I am going to preach it!  I tell you all these things in love.

Make sure you are right with God before you go.  The way to do that is through Jesus Christ.  There is hope!  There is forgiveness in Jesus and He will forgive all of your sins!  That is why He died on the cross!  You could never earn salvation.  It is a free gift from God!  I urge you, receive it with joy and be saved!

“That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Romans 10:9

Remember, today is the day of salvation because we really never know if we will get a tomorrow.  God bless you all!

Saved by grace through faith

Hour glass






Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

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