Lessons From Taekwondo

Ben TKD 3
That is my son smiling at me.

My son absolutely loves Taekwondo.  He has been doing it for a couple years.  He is a purple belt now and he will be testing for his green belt soon.  Taekwondo is the ancient Korean art of combat.  It is very popular in our town.  Tae means to kick with the foot, Kwon means to punch with the fist, and Do means way.  So, it is literally the kick punch way.

I took this picture earlier today.  This is what they call forms class where they practice their punches and kicks, and they train by doing moves on each other and the instructors.

This is where the instructor lets the kids kick without holding back:

My son bringing the heat to his instructor!

Yes, I am very proud of him, can you tell?

Here is my boy taking one of his buddies down.  They take turns practicing the move, and afterwards it is always cool to see them pat each other on the back.  Just another day at Taekwondo!

Ben TKD 2
That’s the way to do it son!

I’m showing you this because I love my son.  I am proud of his hard work.  He stayed dedicated and now he is in a program where he can make black belt in two years with hard work and discipline.

It has been great to see him grow as a person through the training and discipline.  He has found a great outlet for his energy and he is learning the valuable skill of self defense at the same time.

My son is focused on the prize and that prize is his black belt.  He will study and learn and train several days per week over the next two years and when he is 10, he will reach his goal.

I am focused on a prize too, but I have waited a lot longer than two years to obtain it, and I will continue to wait until my time is through on this earth.  The prize I’m talking about is Heaven.

My son envisions himself with that black belt on leading the class someday.  He imagines what it will be like, and he doesn’t lose sight of it.  In the same way, let us focus on Jesus and the glory of Heaven!  Imagine what it will be like and picture yourself there!  Press on and take heart!

Whatever you are doing in life, don’t lose sight of the goal!  If you do not know Jesus yet, come to Him today, He loves you and He is waiting for you!

God bless you all!

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 3:14

Beautiful shot of Long's Peak




Author: Ryan Callahan

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  1. Love this article, Ryan! I’m proud of you both! Way to go, Ben and enjoyed the great pictures, too. Love you,


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