Celiac, Hurricanes, Election 2020, and Jesus First

Photo by Ryan, Venice Beach, Florida

If you are wondering where I’ve been the last week, the title of this post gives you a hint about what I’ve been dealing with. This has been one of the hardest weeks I have ever had fighting Celiac. Pain and nausea came back with a vengeance, and it has been very difficult to eat. My blood sugar and energy level has dropped significantly, and it has made daily life very difficult. The pain and digestive issues have been like when I was first diagnosed almost 9 years ago. We also dealt with Tropical Storm Eta all week, which turned into a Category 1 Hurricane just as it made landfall right where we live along the Gulf coast. Praise God that the storm weakened quickly and went back to a Tropical Storm! We are okay and we didn’t have any flooding or damage. On top of all that, we are also living through a contentious election here in America, which has people on edge. It has been quite a week, and I am still very sick to my stomach, but the Lord just keeps me going. No matter what, Jesus is first above all things, He loves us more than we can imagine, and He is in control!

Thank you to every single one of you who prays for me and my family! I know many of you struggle with chronic illness and debilitating diseases. My prayers are with all of you as well! We are not alone. Please don’t ever give up! I say that to myself as much as I do to you. I understand the loneliness and pain. I know what it feels like to fall into depression and lose hope. May Jesus lift us up in His loving arms and comfort us. May He give us strength and encourage our hearts! There is a purpose in all of this suffering, and He will never leave us nor forsake us!

It is not easy dealing with gut sick nausea during a storm warning. The feeling of the approaching storm was also making me feel sick on top of it all, and I was laid out for several days. I don’t like the storms down here. The Lord gave me a very sharp and sensitive intuition, and I can always feel when danger is near. The way these storms feel here in Florida is extremely ominous. Eta hung around way too long and it bounced around all over the place. Man, I was praying non-stop! I don’t know about living down here sometimes, but I trust this is where God wants us and He will protect us.

During this time of suffering and storms, it has been interesting and revealing to watch our country debate the election. The Presidential election is far from over, yet the media continues to insist, even demand, that we recognize Joe Biden as President-elect. The truth is, Joe is not President-elect because we don’t know the final results of the election yet. The votes are still being counted, and there are several states going through ballot verification and recounts. Trump just won North Carolina the other day, and they finally called Alaska for Trump too. As of right now, Trump is actually in the lead and we are waiting on the final results from the states in contention. After that, the state legislatures have until December 14th to resolve the disputes.

That is the real process of our election system based on our Constitution. The media does not decide the winner of the election, so it doesn’t matter how many times they lie about Joe. All their nonsense about calling him President-elect, and Joe setting up his phony and totally unofficial “Office of the President-elect”, is just that, nonsense. Don’t let it bother you. Joe never won, and no such office exists.

The mainstream media does not control the narrative anymore like they once did. Americans and the world see their propaganda for what it is, a pack of lies. The legal votes will be counted and any illegal votes must be thrown out. All the Dominion voting machines that switched millions of votes from Trump to Biden must also be investigated.

This whole thing is going to blow the lid off of decades of election fraud by the left. As always, I am praying the Lord will expose the lies, reveal the truth, and His will be done. God establishes rulers, whether they be Kings or Presidents, and He will not be mocked.

Democrats think government is God, and they believe they have the power to dominate and control our lives. Just look at how they are talking! They think they’ve won, so they are out in the open talking about putting conservatives on blacklists, locking down the country yet again, and shutting down businesses, schools, Thanksgiving, and everything else! Somebody tell AOC to go ahead and put me on her Bolshevik style list! It’s a glorious honor to be persecuted for Christ! May my life and death bring Him glory!

These socialist liberals have gone totally crazy, and their ideology and words are treasonous against everything America stands for! Lockdowns, enemy lists, and concentration camps are not far fetched conspiracies. They are actual ideas pushed by the left, and we must fight back with truth! These people are literal Marxists, and their vision of America is one of an all powerful totalitarian communist government from cradle to grave. It’s amazing the lot of them hasn’t been arrested for treason and sedition!

The liberals are also pushing mandatory masks, vaccines, and contact tracing. Do they want to put an emblem on my jacket showing I am a Christian too? Do they want to stop me in public and yell, “Show me your papers!”? That is where their dangerous and traitorous speech is leading to. Cuomo and other Democrat Governors are already using Covid to persecute Jews and Christians.

It’s disgusting that they spent 4 years calling us conservatives “Nazis” and “Fascists”! Do they even know what those terms mean?! Do they not know history?! They even have their Antifa thug army, which operates exactly like Hitler’s Brown Shirts. How hypocritical to call themselves anti-fascists, when they are literally fascists committing fascist violence in the streets on all those who disagree with them!

They are the fascists and Nazis! They are the ones who are engaged in a violent Marxist revolution to overthrow our country. They are the ones who want to be tyrants and dictators telling people what to do in their own homes! I am not a Nazi or a fascist. I am not a racist. I am an American Patriot and I want freedom for my country!

The phony call for unity from the left is nauseating too. Now they want unity?! Seriously?! After all their violence, hatred, murders, and lies?! After all their destruction, burning, and looting?! After calling us racist and causing violence against us, and turning our country into a war zone?! After never accepting the election of Trump, falsely accusing him, falsely impeaching him, and lying about him and us for the last 4 years?! I don’t think so! I guarantee they won’t be calling for unity once they realize Trump won.

I forgive them in the Name of Jesus and I pray for them. I will not be unified with darkness ever! There is no fellowship between light and dark, and I have no fellowship with people who support abortion, hate God, and do everything they can to destroy my country with their communist lies and violence. I will fight against their lies and violence by preaching the truth!

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

-2 Corinthians 6:14

The left wants to kick you out of society if you are a conservative. They don’t want unity! They want you to bow in total submission to their socialist tyranny, and if you don’t, then they get violent. Sound familiar? Who are the real Nazis here? It’s not Trump, conservatives, or Christians! We are the ones holding the line against the tide of evil. If you voted for Joe, I hope you’re paying attention to the insane things your party is saying, and I hope you understand just how hateful, tyrannical, and un-American they truly are.

The left is using Covid to enslave us in their new world order. We are being lied to about the death rates. The CDC already reported that only 6% of the Covid deaths were actually due to Covid, but people still believe the lies from CNN about crazy numbers of deaths and hospitalizations. This is not about Covid. This is about control. This is about seeing how far they can go at taking our rights and freedom away from us. Sadly, too many are willingly submitting to this grand lie.

They are already talking about not being able to be a part of society unless you take their vaccine. Ticketmaster even announced this week that you cannot attend a concert without proof of a vaccine or a negative Covid test. Do you see what is happening?! If you don’t, now is the time to wake up! Next it will be the mark on your right hand or forehead that you can’t buy or sell without! Do not let them put any kind of mark on you or microchip you! That is of the evil one and it will be used to dominate mankind during the Tribulation (Read Revelation 13)! Check out my post “A Dire Warning For 2020” for more about that serious truth.

I’m not taking any Covid vaccine and I will never take the mark either! No politicians elected by we the people have the right in this country to tell you how many people you can have over for Thanksgiving. They don’t have the right to force a vaccine on you, or take your job, or shut down your business, or close your churches or synagogues, but they are doing it because we the people are allowing them to. We must stand firm in the truth! People in Democrat controlled states are already getting a taste of what they mean by their new world order, and many are leaving in huge numbers to conservative states like Florida.

Just remember, voting liberal is what caused the mess you just left, so be sure to vote for conservatives who will uphold your Constitutional rights and provide a safe place to live. That is why you are moving down here. You are fleeing the liberal violence, high taxes, crime, and tyranny, and moving to a place where you can be a free American. That’s why we left Colorado! I will not be ruled by tyrants!

As I said in the beginning, Jesus is first above all these things. What are we to do as Christians as we see the times of the end approaching? What are we to do when we encounter storms and suffering? We do what we always do. We keep our eyes on Jesus and do His will!

Preach the truth, fight the good fight, finish the race! Jesus is coming soon, and our redemption draws near! Keep praying for our country and keep hope alive! God is in control as He always has been, and He loves you! If you know Jesus, continue to abide in Him. If you don’t know Jesus, please consider His invitation to eternal life with all your heart. He will forgive all your sins and save your soul, and that, my friends, is the most important truth of all!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

-Jesus speaking in John 3:16

Grace and peace to you all!

Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

27 thoughts on “Celiac, Hurricanes, Election 2020, and Jesus First”

  1. Hey my brother continue to stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. I am happy that you and your family are safe we really came close to a serious hurricane for sure. As for the elections, I have placed it in God’s capable hands in Jesus name. Continue to keep the faith and stay safe. God bless you.

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  2. Wow, it sounds like a really rough time for you and for your family. Seems everything hit at once. 😟 I’m glad things are settling down for you a little bit. I’m curious about what you said that Trump is ahead. Can you go into that little further? I know right now what we’re seeing is the press calling the race, but I’m curious as to where you’re finding the information that Trump is ahead. I certainly hope that’s right!

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  3. As always thanks for speaking truth, Ryan!! Love the information you bring through your post…

    Love what you said here and I’ve been saying this all along:

    ‘This is not about Covid. This is about control. This is about seeing how far they can go at taking our rights and freedom away from us. Sadly, too many are willingly submitting to this grand lie.’

    Clinging to God with strong faith!!🙏❤️

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  4. Amen, Ryan, I too keep my eyes on Jesus, and in my heart I know God is in control. The world has become so small in this day and age, and so many of its problems too heavy for us to try and carry on our own. Jesus wants us to give our worries and burdens to him, to look to him in bad times and good times, to pray to him every day so that he knows us well, and as Christians our lives are enriched, blessed, and our soul has peace because we love Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for being our Lord and Savior, and our most loving friend in this world and for eternity. May God bless our country and our people, and may we always forever live in a free America and a country under God.

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  5. (((hugs))) to you and your family. i know how hard it is to live with continuous nausea and gut ick 😦 … and changes in barometric pressure from storms seem to make things like that worse if you’re sensitive to it 😦

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