Health Update & Prayer Request

Photo by Ryan, Florida Sunrise

Hello, friends and family. God bless you all. Just wanted to give a quick update on my visit with the doctor regarding my heart, and ask for prayer again regarding some of the things we discussed.

First of all, thank you all for praying for me. The doctor gave me mostly good news about my heart and blood work results. There is a small amount of build up in my aorta showing a bit of atherosclerosis, but he said it is minor and normal for my age. The echocardiogram and stress test didn’t show anything serious. He said my heart is fine and joked with me that I could live to be 150 with the heart I have. He wasn’t sure what caused the chest pain back in March, but he thought it might have been due to the gallbladder infection and stones I was suffering at that time. Remember, I had that removed just a few weeks after the chest pain episode.

Anyway, my cholesterol and triglycerides are excellent, so the atherosclerosis is just hereditary. It’s something he will check in 2 years, but nothing he was worried about. Praise God my heart is okay!

He said my vitamin D levels and sodium were low, so I need to start taking a D supplement and adding a little salt to my diet, but my glucose, and red and white blood cell count were excellent. It’s actually pretty amazing I’m only deficient in vitamin D after 10 years fighting Celiac. He said he could tell I eat very good, and told me to keep up the good diet.

The only discouraging news was that the blood results showed my thyroid and liver enzymes were too high, so he was concerned about that and ordered more tests. I had to get more blood drawn this morning, and next Wednesday I’m having an ultrasound done for my liver. I am really tired of all these medical appointments, especially getting jabbed for blood work. Please pray for healing for my thyroid and liver. He is hoping it was just a fluke in the lab results from a little dehydration, but he wants to make sure it’s nothing serious.

The worst thing I am still dealing with is the terrible hemorrhoid pain I suffer at times. As embarrassing as it is, I must ask for prayer for that to be completely healed. It is awful and it is really affecting my quality of life. Several times a week I have to lay on my side for a few hours because I can barely walk or sit down. I’ve already seen doctors and specialist surgeons about it, and surgery is not an option for me. I cry out to God every day to heal me of it. On top of everything else I deal with, it is truly a painful and humiliating ailment to suffer.

History records that Martin Luther also suffered terrible hemorrhoids, which actually gives me a sense of closeness and fellowship with him. It also makes me respect him and his reformation ministry even more knowing the pain he was going through during his preaching and teaching. I’m sure he asked the Lord to heal him many times.

In all my suffering, I am trusting in the Lord to see me through it victoriously. I get very discouraged and feel a deep hopelessness at times, but I know God can heal me at anytime and He can do all things. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. He has done incredible miracles in my life, and I know He can heal me, restore me, and make all things new. May His will be done.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. I know many of you suffer from chronic illness. I am praying for you too. Let us never give up hope! Someday the Lord will take away all the pain and wipe away every tear. May that great hope overflow in our hearts as we wait for the Lord and trust in Him. He will never leave us nor forsake us, and we will see Him in eternal glory very soon!

Grace and peace to you all!

Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright Β© 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

87 thoughts on “Health Update & Prayer Request”

  1. Grace and peace to you also, Ryan. Thanks for keeping us informed. Will definitely keep You in our prayers. God is able. Praise His holy name forever! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6). His name is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe (Proverbs 18:10). To Him belong all honor, all glory and all power forever. May His face shine upon you. In Jesus’ name.

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  2. Praying. As we go through our illnesses and pain it is hard to see the blessing, Sometime the factthat you shre gives comfort to others. It is never easybut He is with us and will bring us through.

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  3. It is an encouraging news,it was expected as the mighty one has a plan of prosperity for all of us .A little faith can move mountains and we all have a huge faith in the Lord so I am sure the results of the next tests will be in your favor sir, so no worries just praise the Lord.God bless and thank you for sharing the update.Take care.πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ·

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  4. Father God, I lift up your son, Ryan. Thank you for sending your son Jesus, who by the stripes on his back provided healing for Ryan. Thank you for a good report on Ryan’s heart. May Ryan’s soul prosper so he will be in health.(3 John 2) Let Ryan be healed in his soul of all the trauma of illness for so many years. Thank you for your healing touch to all of his body. Celiac, hemorrhoids, liver, and thyroid healed and that Ryan would enjoy the abundant life given by Jesus! Pain leave him now! Abundant blessings of excellent health are his in the finished work of Jesus. Amen

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    1. Yeah, we have the Pink Himalayan salt too. My daughter likes that the best. Yes, I agree about plain white salt. I can’t have the mainstream white salt because of the iodine in it, which I’m allergic to.

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  5. Grace and peace to you Ryan. I was led to this verse from Colossians for you which Paul wrote. Even though we your brothers and sisters in Christ are far away from you across nations and borders we are standing with you in faith and prayer. β€œFor even though I am absent [from you] in body, nevertheless I am with you in spirit, delighted to see your good discipline [as you stand shoulder to shoulder and form a solid front] and to see the stability of your faith in Christ [your steadfast reliance on Him and your unwavering confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness].
    Colossians 2:5 Bless you Ryan.

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  6. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ryan. πŸ™
    Everyone’s prayers and tips are wonderful . . . just a little extra one from me – try to get out in the natural light as much as you are able to (for vitamin D) and allow nature to uplift you.

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  7. Very pretty sunrise photo you took by the way, looks so quiet and peaceful. You know I forgot that when your Aunt Julie had her gallbladder attack she told me she thought she was having a heart attack, so it sounds like you had the very same experience. I am thankful and grateful to God that your heart is in great shape, such wonderful news. It gave me comfort to read Romans 15:13, thank you for posting it and with your photo, too, such a pretty view you captured that day. I am praying for you Ryan, just like your heart turning out strong, I pray your liver and thyroid is good, too. I know it’s a wise decision on your part to be following up and must give you some peace of mind to have found your good doctor. I know God can do anything and I pray he heals you of your pain….”Please, God, heal my son.” Amen. Thank you, Ryan, for writing your blog with such encouraging words and prayers for others as they are going through tough times, too…you are touching the lives of many with the love of our Lord! God bless you, Ry. It’s going to be okay because God is good. Love you, Ry….Mom

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  8. Ryan, I appreciate your update. Praise God for the good news from your doctor’s visit. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. May God’s grace and peace continue to share His goodness in bringing you further healing.

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  9. I am praying for you Ryan. Touch Ryan Lord Jesus Christ so he may have healing of his body from the top of his head to the bottom of the soles of his feet, in Your Powerful, Matchless, Name above every name that can be named; and even the least parts of the body are given honor in the one Body and one Spirit of God found in Christ and Christ in you. Be healed and made whole by the wounds of Jesus, who was broken so we can be made whole in His Blood, His Pure Water, His Holy Spirit Water of Life! love and blessings to you and your family Ryan

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  10. Brother Callahan,

    As I was reading your post…I began feeling a need to pullback from all the interaction happening with the medical experts…

    then two sentences later…bam, you wrote

    “. I am really tired of all these medical appointments, especially getting jabbed for blood work. Please pray for healing for my thyroid and liver.”

    I mean it’s a natural thing that makes sense …GO GET ANSWERS from those in the medical field..especially when you in chronic debilitating pain …all u want is relief, and answers and recovery or at least to begin walking in that direction.

    I speak from experience….always going to doctors, emergency rooms, urologist, endocrine specialist, etc etc, and guess what? man the more I went the less answers I was provided…nobody cares about our health like we ourselves. And all these specialists get so overbooked with appts…they spend like at the most five to eight minutes with you….and that is just not enough time to get a true handle on a patient’s chronic illness..there too many factors and variables….

    so many times….I felt good like I was being helped in some way by going

    .but then honestly they just made me more of a mess…all those interactions, hands, medicine…

    what I needed was God’s hands…and His interactions on me.

    Recipe that developed over a course of time: Constant worship music on. whether I’m asleep, at work, I mean 24/7 immersed in Him.

    And not coming to Him with my #1 priority to heal….

    I tried that…kept on and on and on…finally I understood…

    the quickest way to heal….is to help others heal… to help others do anything that helps them get closer to God.

    and in turn God heals you.

    and he guides you naturally consciously and without you realizing to a customized healing plan for you…. we have to stop wanting to be healed more than anything else….this is why-

    without realizing it…it happened to me- all day I was researching, studying , analyzing, microscopes. laboratory, reviewing, collaborating with other sufferers….but I didn’t realize what had happened is God took a backseat in my life….MY HEALING became #1 priority… it happens…especially with unbearable pain…that would always always seem to intensify at church, during service…it was unbearable. embarrasing. angering…

    HE ALONE IS THE PRIZE…we must come to God for one reason alone…just to be around Him..not because we need something…

    it’s kinda selfish…which I also didn’t see…me me me me…please don’t get offended…I’m speaking my truth….

    at some point…I immersed myself back into doing his will, and stopped worrying about my healing …by relentlessly immersing myself in his word, preaching, worshipping, giving, whatever I could do to help others…whatever was presented… no matter what it was…and that’s when he began leading me to healing without me even asking about it anymore….also leading me to the right man of God…who did work wonders …

    even men of God…are led to other men of God…The Doctors and healers licensed to practice Holy Spirit Medicine …HalleluYAH!

    ALLL the glory to God.

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  11. Love your strong faith amidst the suffering. Praying those test results show in your favor! As you share this post it gives comfort to others who are struggling as you point to Jesus; and gives the opportunity for people to reach out to Him in prayer as they lift you up…double blessing!!!❀️

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  12. Brother God bless you, your blogs are preaching and testimonies of God in your life and for everyone to see God’s mercy every day, I know it is difficult but nothing is impossible for God, sometimes in our life we will not understand what God wants to do in his will, but if we can be sure that God is faithful and that he will always be faithful and at the end of all he will fulfill his purpose in us and that he has promised to end evil forever, he will undoubtedly also end pain and sadness and we will be joyful forever with Him…..

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  13. Trusting in His faithfulness is getting you through all of these things that you deal with Ryan! You are a beacon of light shining His love, His peace and His joy!! You and your family are in my prayers!! So happy to hear about the test results for your heart! Blessings to you and your family!!

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