Vote To Honor God

Well, we made it to November! The election is almost over, and tomorrow, November 3rd, is a very big day here in America. This has not been a normal election year. We have been living through a civil war and we are fighting for the very soul of our nation. American Patriots are coming together as one all across our country, and it is so beautiful to see the country I love fighting back! We will never bow to socialism or communism and we will never bow to the new world order globalists! We reject the lies, hatred, and violence of the left, and we cry out for righteousness, healing, and peace in our land! Trump is my President because the man is a real American Patriot who has fulfilled all his promises to fight for America, and he is the only President in our time who is actually fighting the globalist traitors and doing everything he can to restore jobs, prosperity, and freedom to Americans!

If you are still listening to the mainstream media and their ridiculous polls, then you might think Joe is in the lead. That is so far from the truth it is laughable! Absolutely ridiculous, actually! Did you see what was going on this weekend here in America? It was like one big party and rally for Trump! Even in places like California! Patriots are coming out of the woodwork in huge numbers and they are marching, having Trump truck parades, and huge Trump flotilla parades all across America! The early voting numbers look excellent for Trump too. Here in Florida, conservatives are out-voting liberals by a landslide! My advice would be to stop watching the leftist liars in the mainstream media, even the ones on Fox, because they are not telling the truth, and their polls and “reporting” are a joke.

Trump Flotilla in Florida

Here is a real polling model for you:

Americans have had enough of the democrats and their lockdowns and socialist violence! People need to get back to work and we want peace and freedom! We need our police and we must have law and order. We don’t want our cities, homes, and businesses being looted and burned to the ground by Antifa and BLM terrorists! We don’t want violent mobs harassing, attacking, and killing people! We don’t want our country destroyed and we don’t want our lives dominated and controlled by socialist tyrants!

We must preserve our Constitutional Republic and the opportunity of freedom for all people! That is why people are coming out by the thousands to support Trump! That is why his rallies are packed even past midnight, like in Miami last night! White, Black, Latino, Asian, it doesn’t matter; everyone is supporting Trump because they know all the great things he has done for this country, despite all the lies and hatred of the left!

Photo credit: Gateway Pundit, Trump parade in Southern California
Photo credit: Trump administration, Trump rally in Pennsylvania

God is using Trump to strike at the heart of the globalists who worship the evil one. Just look at all He did with Trump in such a short time despite all the opposition, false accusations, false impeachment, and 24/7 lies against him! Here are just a few things Trump has done that would have been incredible to get done in 2 terms, let alone just a few years:

Trump stands up for God and the Bible and is unashamed to speak the Name of Jesus and pray! Far cry from the last President who declared that America was not a Christian nation! Now we have a President who invited Jesus into the White House and recognizes His authority and gives Him glory!

Ended the disastrous globalist NAFTA (the China prospering free trade deal that de-industrialized our country and destroyed our manufacturing and jobs for 30 years), and he created the USMCA based on fair trade, which brought jobs back to America and has given us an economic boom

Low taxes, higher incomes, and support for small businesses

Lowest black, Asian, and Latino unemployment ever

$500 billion Platinum Plan investing in black communities

Prison Reform, First Step Act, and Opportunity Zones, which fixed many of the disastrous policies put in place by Biden’s racist 1994 crime bill

Secured record funding for HBCU’s and made sure it was permanent

Peace with North Korea

Multiple Peace deals in the Middle East

Ending the globalist forever wars and bringing our troops home

Photo credit: White House

Recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Destroyed ISIS, shut down Iran’s nuclear deal, saved hostages, and passionately supports and strengthens our military

Fixed our healthcare by getting rid of the socialist individual mandate (you know, the one created by Obama and Biden that ruined our healthcare and sent prices sky high)

Protected our border

Destroying the globalist child trafficking network nationwide

Supports our police and law and order

Supports the Second Amendment

Staunch supporter of the sanctity of life

Defunded Planned Parenthood

Supports school choice

Signed executive order protecting prayer in school

Ended tyrannical federal land grabs and protected our farmers

Made America energy independent (no more reliance on foreign oil)

Appointed record number of judges who will uphold the Constitution

Passionate Patriot who loves this country with all his heart and fights hard every day to preserve and protect our Constitution, our rights, and our Republic

There is a lot more, but you get the picture. The man has done everything he said he was going to do and more! He has proven over and over that he loves this country and he is a true American Patriot! He is not a politician or a globalist traitor! We finally have a real American President who is fighting for us!

There have been heartbreaking casualties in this civil war, and we have witnessed unimaginable violence and anarchy in the streets of lawless liberal cities and states. There are those who want socialism, and ultimately communism, to rule our country, and they seek to establish their utopia of evil, sin, and death through mob violence, defunding police, and tearing down our Constitutional Republic with lies and race-baiting hatred. Americans see through their lies now and we will not bow to their violent socialist intimidation!

As a Christian, it is my duty to vote in a way that honors God. God is the One who establishes rulers and kingdoms and nations. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are perfect, and neither party is our savior, but only one party is seeking righteousness and peace for America, and it’s NOT the Democrats. I read a very intelligent Spirit-filled article today about why it is important for Christians to vote. It was written by David Closson who is the Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council. He says it well, when he writes:

“Although neither political party perfectly represents Christians, party platforms allow us to make thoughtful judgments regarding who we will support at election time. These platforms, which serve as proposed governing philosophies, allow Christians to see if and how the political parties prioritize issues on which the Bible clearly speaks. 

Compelled by love for our neighbors and a desire to steward our God-given responsibilities, we must, as Christians, engage in the political process. But we must engage Biblically. This requires that we be prepared to grapple with the moral issues of our day, the reality of our two-party system, and follow our Christian convictions to their logical end by voting for candidates and parties that support clear Biblical values.”

-David Closson, Politics: How Involved Should Christians Be?

Amen! Trump has proven that he stands up strong for Biblical values, even in the face of vicious hatred. If you are a Christian who has fallen for the lies against him and you still listen to the lying MSM propaganda about him being racist and all other such nonsense, please repent and pray for the man! If you have gotten caught up in the lies of the Marxist based “social justice” movement, flee from it now! The democrat party has been completely taken over by radical leftists who want to spread sin, immorality, and death through our nation! What they mean by “social justice” is hate for America, tearing down our country through racist class warfare, hating police, and promoting socialism, abortion, immorality, and lawlessness. God is with Trump and God is using Trump as a rallying cry against the evil new world order!

Jesus Christ is my Savior. He commanded me to love my neighbor. My whole country is my neighbor, and I love my country with all my heart! Trump is my President because he is the best and only choice for preserving and restoring America for my family and my neighbors. I voted for him in 2016 and I voted for him again on the first day of early voting here in Florida back on October 19th! My Mom, my wife, and a bunch of my aunts, uncles, and cousins are voting for Trump too! I voted for him because I know the truth and I know all the great things he has done for our country! I don’t live in lies, I live in the truth!

Even my 67 year old Dad, who has been a staunch Democrat his entire life, is voting for Trump! My Dad hates war, and he is very impressed by Trump’s peace deals and bringing our troops home. Many Democrats are walking away from their party because of how vile and evil they have become. Get ready for the RED WAVE, ’cause it’s comin’! The silent majority is silent no more! The sleeping giant is awake & we are fighting for our freedom! TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE!!!

I also read an article from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association today titled, “Why November 3 Should Matter To All Christians.” The author quotes Pastor Tony Evans who says we should be “Kingdom voters.” I completely agree!

“A Kingdom voter is a Christian—a serious Christian—who accepts the responsibility and takes advantage of the opportunity to participate and partner with God to expand His rule in society through civil government,” Evans said.

“The Biblical role of civil government is to maintain a safe, just, righteous and compassionately responsible environment for freedom to flourish,” he continued. “That’s what you vote for because God created government. You leave God out of government and it becomes something other than what it was created to be. Just like when you leave Him out of your life and any other aspect of your existence.”

-Written by Kellie Van Gilder, BGEA

The Apostle Paul is clear in Romans 13 that the authorities are established by God. I want to vote for the candidate and political/social agenda that partners with God to establish His will for civil government, safety, justice, righteousness, peace, and freedom for America! If you are a Christian who is still nitpicking and judging Trump, please knock it off and look at the truth of what he has done and all he has accomplished for our country! The man is fighting to save America!

Please see the bigger picture! We are fighting a spiritual war against the evil one and his kingdom (Ephesians 6)! The left has sided with the evil one and they are desperately trying to birth his evil new world order in our country. God has given us a most unlikely man to rise up and fight back! Now is the time to push back the wickedness and darkness in our country! Now is the time for Holy revival! God is on the move and He is doing a new thing! Do you perceive it?!

Stand up for righteousness, freedom, justice, and peace! Vote to honor God! Vote to expand God’s Kingdom, God’s morals, and God’s values! Vote for our hardworking God-fearing American President, Donald J. Trump!

Grace and peace to America! Grace and peace to you all!

“The heart of the wise inclines to the


but the heart of the fool to the left.”

-Ecclesiastes 10:2

Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

56 thoughts on “Vote To Honor God”

    1. Yeah, saw news about that on Twitter. So sad what they are doing to Joe. He needs to retire and get help. His gaffes are funny, but really sad too. My wife’s mother died of Alzheimer’s. Joe is not fit to be President. Plus he is a globalist traitor who has worked against America for 47 years. Praying he gets saved, but also praying he is never our President.

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      1. I also am praying that he gets help and gets saved, and not used any longer by those with nefarious plans and purposes for America. I also pray his son gets help and saved and healing can come to their family.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Amen, the Biden family needs prayer big time. I am so thankful for Trump and that God has given us a real chance to take our country back! Praying for Trump and his family to be protected too!


  1. EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY, RYAN! You should have been at the Trump rally speaking this post, Ryan! Your speech would have caused a thunderous clap of cheers for President Trump and America’s future of prosperity and good will! Awesome post, and you are so right.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! “Make America God Again”! Trump says make America great again, and we can do that be making America God again! Praying for whatever outcome it will bring more people to their knees. God already knows that outcome! 🇺🇸 🙏🏻

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Vote to honour God indeed! Even though I’m in Canada, I’ve been following the U.S politics for about 15 years. And here, I can’t believe how many Christians, believe everything they here in the news. I stopped listening to the news 30+ year now. When I believer can truly hear, the spirit filters truth, from what the world tries to put in its place! God’s using Trump, to change the course, of what the devil is doing! Especially with Israel, God had to establish Jerusalem, to its rightful place! #A Landslide! God’s blessings my brother!

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    1. Amen! Praying for a decisive victory for Trump and that the left won’t be able to steal it with their lies and cheating. It would be awesome to hear the trumpet call! Come, Lord Jesus!! God is with us and His grace is still shining on America! God bless!

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, Patriots here in Florida are out-voting liberals by almost 200,000 votes as of a couple hours ago. He will win Florida big time! He is going to win a bunch of states that people thought he wouldn’t too. Great night! I will be up late. Been fighting hard on Twitter all day. Pray the democrats are not able to cheat! There is huge turn out for Trump all across the country, so I pray his landslide victory is so big that they can’t hide it or cheat it! #MAGAFOREVER!

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    1. Thanks, Vivian! Praying the left is not allowed to steal this election. What is going on in the swing states is total fraud. May God stop their evil plans and cheating! I hope you are feeling better! God bless!

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  4. Oh yes, I suspect that. My state VA is blue but at least there’s lots of counties for Trump just not the populated ones. My county went red thankfully. I am holding on thanks. God is in control. I read Psalm 46 yesterday which put all this into perspective for me. God bless you Ryan.🇺🇸

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Amen! I just said that very thing on Twitter! I said, “Keep hope alive, Patriots! God is in control, He sees the cheating by the left, & God laughs at their pathetic attempt to change His will! It is God alone who establishes rulers. He will not be mocked by a bunch of socialist traitors! God is with Trump! Keep praying & have faith!”
        I also attached a Scripture pin showing mountains and Psalm 121:2
        Hope and pray it encourages people!


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