Biggest Psy Op Ever

We are being lied to. Do you see it? Covid was used to force lockdowns, so they could force mail-in ballots, so they could ballot harvest and steal the election. This whole thing is the biggest psychological operation I have ever seen in my 42 years in America. Biden is going to try and claim victory tonight, and the media will join in the coup and back him up. Don’t believe their lies for a second! This election is far from over. The evidence of voter fraud is piling up and this will go all the way to the Supreme Court. It doesn’t matter what Biden or the media say because they don’t decide the outcome of the election, the votes of the American people do. The votes are still being counted, fraudulent ballots are being exposed, and our Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance.

Not only do we have the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots that showed up in the middle of the night on election night and the statistical impossibility of 100% of those votes going to Biden, but we also have evidence of voter intimidation and obstruction by the left, votes for Trump being thrown away, vote counters filling out multiple ballots for Biden, thousands of dead people voting for Biden, and illegal secrecy of the vote count by barring legal observers. This is a coup, folks.

There is no way Biden got over 70 million votes, there is no way he got more votes than Barack in 2008, and there is no way he got the most votes of any President in our history, but that’s what the traitorous left and media want you to believe. Biden couldn’t even draw a few people to listen to him speak in an empty parking lot, and his campaign was the worst campaign ever. Trump’s rallies were record breaking drawing thousands of Patriots to every rally all across the country. There were also hundreds of parades and flotillas for Trump! There was even a parade for Trump in Nigeria! Democrats also lost seats in the House, and Republicans retained the Senate, but we are supposed to believe Biden got that many votes? Yeah, right! Even the media admitted Trump’s rallies were phenomenal!

Photo credit: Trump Administration, Trump rally in Pennsylvania

The left is stealing this election through ballot harvesting and media propaganda. They flooded the vote count with fraudulent ballots on election night and they haven’t stopped since. Why is it that they never find any boxes of secret ballots for Trump? Because the fraud is coming from the left and those fraudulent votes all go to Biden, every single time. Can you imagine if Trump was getting secret 130,000 vote ballot drops in the middle of the night?! The Democrats and media would be going nuts! But we’re supposed to just ignore their blatant deception, and concede the election? I don’t think so!

The media, especially Fox News, created an illusion that Biden was in the lead the entire night by calling states early for Biden and delaying calling states for Trump. Their ridiculously early call on Arizona for Biden was the worst. Trump was in the lead all night on election night, until the blue swing states stopped counting votes around 4 a.m. and they had hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots delivered. It all went sideways Venezuelan style after that. Thank God that Patriots protest peacefully!

If they are allowed to steal the election, then what is the point of ever having another election? If we can’t trust the vote count, then we don’t have a Constitutional Republic. America as we know it would fall and socialism would rise. They cannot be allowed to steal it!

There have been reports that there is a special watermark on official ballots. Any fraudulent ballots will not have the watermark and will be easily identifiable. Official ballots were made by the Department of Homeland Security. The National Guard is helping in the effort to count votes now. God will expose this fraud and Trump will be declared the winner. It may take a few weeks, but the truth will come out and it will be clear that Trump won in a landslide on election night.

There will be ballot verification, recounts, and plenty of time in court, and ultimately this will most likely be decided by the Supreme Court. Bush wasn’t declared until December 15th, remember? Be patient and pray. Any claim by Biden, the Democrats, or the media that he has won the Presidency is a complete lie and liberal fantasy. It’s just the final act of their coup.

Trump told us many times this was going to happen. He and his administration knew what the Democrats were planning, and they have been preparing for this. Check out what Trump tweeted back on June 22, 2020:

God desires truth and justice. If the Democrats had not tried to cheat, then this would not be happening. Trump is the most pro-Christian, pro-life, pro-America, and pro-Israel President we’ve ever had! Biden and Harris would destroy this country with wickedness like full term abortions and lowering the age of consent to 12! Not to mention raising our taxes and destroying our jobs and healthcare again! Do you remember what we went through for 8 years under Obama and Biden?! May those wicked people never rule us again! God’s anointing is on Trump and he will be victorious! Why? Because God is just, that’s why.

“You shall not steal.”

-God speaking, Exodus 20:15

I’m not giving up fighting for this country I love with all my heart and I’m not giving up fighting for our great American President Donald J. Trump, who has fought so hard for us! My prayers are with Trump, and a believer’s prayers to Jesus are a Holy weapon against the spiritual forces of darkness coming against him and our country. This entire coup from Covid until now will be exposed. This attack will be defeated just like the Russian collusion lie was defeated, the phony impeachment was defeated, and every other attack the left has thrown at him has been defeated!

Check out this new song by my brother in Christ, Bryson Gray! It’s called “PATRIOTS VS EVERYBODY.” Bryson speaks the truth and he definitely sums up how we Patriots feel right now. Every dirty trick in the liberal playbook has been thrown at us, but we will not give up! We will fight for truth, righteousness, and justice!

We must stand firm in the truth and not back down. We must have fair and honest elections if we want our Republic preserved. We must fight the good fight against the lies!

The new world order globalists serve the devil. They are making their final move to take down America once and for all, and they are going for it with all the evil power and money they’ve got. This is our last stand! This is our American Revolution and we must hold the line! How we fight back this very moment will determine whether we live as free men or bow to tyrants! May God give us strength and anoint us with righteous victory! Never give up! Never surrender! Fight the good fight!

God bless Trump and all the Patriots fighting for freedom!

Grace and peace to you all!

Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

27 thoughts on “Biggest Psy Op Ever”

  1. I am in total agreement with all you said, I also what has to happen for end time prophesy to be fulfilled. That just may be Biden taking office if God is getting ready to fulfill the Biblical Revelations we as believers know is truth. Everything Biden wants is written will happen one day. Maybe God is making that day soon. Just a little of my take. Trust me I am Trump, I don’t fear the rapture. I am just a God fearing woman of faith. The Bible talks about these times right now. Dark times, and times we can’t believe we will be in. I believe they are here. Just my take. So I trust in the end Trump will not go down without a fight. As well God will have whoever is supposed to President even if we can’t quite see why right at this moment.

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      1. Weird to think all my life I have been taught of these times, and you hear we are in the end of times even many decades ago. Though I have never in my 46 years seen anything remotely close to the book of Revelations, as this last year here in God’s world. I believe we still have some very hard times ahead. It says few will remain in Him in the end. Believers will fall away out of fear, and persecution. I think we are on the edge of all of this. None know the day or the hour. I just think maybe the power is being established to let it all play out as God wrote it to be. What a ride, and this last year has been crazy. Imagine if Biden really does win. It will be the worst times our country has ever seen. His VP alone is enough to put fear into any believer, praise God she is not God (just will play God). She is just pure evil, and I could see her taking over. Biden is old. So many scenarios could play out. We just have to keep looking up. Stay grounded at the cross! Pray for our country! For our redemption draws nye. Thanks for always being so real, and honest! Good stuff right here!

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      2. Amen, thanks! If Biden does win, it will definitely be one step closer to the Rapture. Within a couple months Biden would step down due to mental decline and Harris would become President. Hillary would probably be VP after that. It would be the end of our country. Praying and trusting God. Thanks for the encouragement! God bless!

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  2. Amen, Ryan. I am praying that it is God’s Will that President Trump is taken care of through this battle, and after the legal votes are counted, he will be our president for another term. He has so much more good to do and I certainly don’t want to see all the good things he accomplished undone. There is so much hate on the left side, some people have lost their moral compass, violent, and are so vindictive they want people to lose their jobs and try to stop them from getting another one, shout people down, they are just simply acting crazy toward people who don’t see things the way they do. Big tech and media have way too much power and are acting like communist with their silencing of free speech! Anyway, that’s another subject. I look for comfort in Jesus and I know what ever happens, God is with us, but I am praying that President Trump stays our president and that is what God wants for us. Amen. Great post, Ryan! I am keeping the faith. It was awesome to see those praying for Trump at the Arizona State Capital and others peacefully gathering…that’s how decent people do it.

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    1. Amen, Mom, well said! The new world order is a one world government based on the violence and tyranny of communism. It is the devil’s government. That is what they are doing. Trying to destroy our Republic with their Marxist Revolution. Someday the anti-Christ will come to power, but his time is short and his fate is already sealed. Jesus will destroy him with a breath from His mouth! Come, Lord Jesus!


    1. Amen, and I pray He exposes the fraud and brings the truth to light. I’m not going to just say, “oh well” and give up. God is just and I trust He will bring justice to this fraud. We need to keep preaching the truth and fighting against the devil’s kingdom. God bless!

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      1. Exactly right, we don’t say ‘oh well’ and give up!! Now we pray! We fight back on our knees. This is a coup, a Marxist takeover. We need to pray that God will expose the deeds of darkness and those who have committed this fraud. And that He will strengthen and encourage President Trump to fight in court to overturn this disgraceful, anarchical, and fraudulent excuse for an election. I believe God allowed this for a reason and I’m praying Christians everywhere will unite in prayer pray that God’s will be done – not man’s or the powers of darkness.

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  3. Ryan, My husband were out at Count the Vote on Friday in Phoenix. There were about 3000 patriots there. We sang the National Anthem together. We prayed together and the Holy Spirit moved. Know God heard our prayers for our land and our President Donald J. Trump. It was amazing. God is not done with the President or us.

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    1. Amen, Diana! That is awesome! Thank you so much for standing strong! Great to meet you! You are absolutely right! God is moving in power to expose all the fraud and He is with us! God bless you!


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