Pray For Alaskans

Anchorage pretty
Anchorage, Alaska

Please pray for the people of Anchorage, Alaska.  They had a major 7.0 magnitude earthquake this morning!  Thankfully, there have been no reports of injuries.  There was a tsunami warning for Kodiak Island, but that has been cancelled.  There has been major structural damage to buildings, homes, and roads though.  My wife is from Anchorage and all her family lives there.  I texted her Dad and he said they are okay.  They just have a busted pipe that he said he can fix easily.  My father-in-law can fix anything!  He built the house my wife grew up in and my wife’s grandparents were pioneers to Alaska.  Her Dad and Grandpa built many of the houses in their neighborhood.  I have learned a ton of valuable skills from her Dad!  We are so glad everyone is okay!  Praise God!

Here is a link to the Fox News report:

Alaska Earthquake

Please pray that everything gets fixed and that the weather will be good.  I lived up there for a winter and it is not as bad as some think, but it does get very cold at times and it can snow like crazy.  They call Anchorage the banana belt of Alaska because it has more mild temperatures year round.  Many times we are colder here in Denver than they are!

Here is a photo of the damage to Minnesota Drive in Anchorage.  I have driven on that road!

Anchorage quake
Photo by Josh Bierma, Anchorage

Look at this quote from Fox News:

“Slaton was alone and home and soaking in the bathtub when the Alaska earthquake struck.

He said the quake created a powerful back-and-forth sloshing in the bathtub and before he knew it, he’d been thrown out of the tub by the force of the waves.

His 120-pound mastiff panicked and tried to run down the stairs, but the house was swaying so much she was thrown off her feet and into a wall and tumbled to the base of the stairs, Slaton added.”

-Greg Norman, Fox News

That is one powerful earthquake!  I have felt one earthquake in my life and it was in Anchorage when we were visiting one summer.  We heard a loud boom in the distance, then the whole house started shaking.  It was crazy!  My father-in-law said we had just experienced a minor tremor, and it was quite a shaking.  I can’t imagine a 7.0 earthquake!

Thank you all for your prayers as the city of Anchorage comes together to rebuild!

Grace and peace to you all!


If you are ever in Anchorage, you have to go downtown and have a caribou dog from one of the street vendors!  They are incredibly delicious!  Before I had Celiac, we would go down there and I would eat those up!  Caribou meat is awesome!  I can still eat caribou, just not with a wheat bun, you know my GF style.

God bless you all!

“God is our refuge and


an ever-present help in


Therefore we will not fear,

though the earth give


and the mountains fall into

the heart of the sea,

though its waters roar and


and the mountains quake

with their surging.


Psalm 46:1-3

Alaska float plane

Alaska moose crossing

Alaska moose inside

Alaska kid petting moose

Pic quote Rom 1 v 20

Alaska bear friends


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  1. I Am Praying for them, I’m glad to hear your family is well. I too use to travel to that state years ago. It is a beautiful state. ((Hugs))

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