Stand Up For Righteousness!

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Good morning everyone and God bless you all!  Today is voting day here in America and I am praying for our country.  I am praying that the Lord will spread holy revival through our country and bring healing.  I am praying that He stops the violence and hatred and pours out His Holy Spirit on us and the world!  I am also standing up for righteousness and I am going to share my political views!

I have been told in the past to keep politics off my blog, but I do not agree with that.  The disciples spoke boldly regarding the social and political issues of their day and the Lord has put it on my heart to do the same.  John the Baptist was arrested because he rebuked King Herod for having his brother’s wife (Mark 6:17-18).  It is important for followers of Jesus to speak the truth regarding the issues of our time as well.  We must speak the truth in all things.  It is sad how “501C3” has stopped Pastors from speaking out!  Of course the world doesn’t want us speaking the truth, especially regarding our society!  They don’t want to hear the truth.  They want to live life without God and they fight Him!  We are supposed to fear God, not man!

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.”

Proverbs 29:25

My kids have the day off from school, so I will be hanging out with them today.  I’m glad they will be home safe with me.  Colorado does mail in voting, so we already voted and my wife and I voted straight red.  If you have been reading my blog, then you know I do not and I will never vote democrat, which over the years has steadily become a group of insane and depraved leftists controlled by hateful violent atheists.  The Kennedy democrats are long gone folks!

I don’t support abortion, gay marriage, or 62 different genders.  Abortion is murder, homosexuality is an abomination to God, and God only made two genders in His creation (Genesis 1:27), which He is sovereign over (Genesis 1:1).  All of the perversions of God’s creation are from the evil one.  I also don’t support socialism or communism in any way, shape, or form!  Atheism is also from the evil one.  I’m not ever letting anybody take our guns either, so they need to let that go!  If they want them, come and take them (Molon Labe)!  Although I don’t recommend trying to do that to Americans.  You will lose that fight.

Yes, I am a Life Member of the NRA too.  The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13 that love always protects and I take the protection of my family and country seriously and I have professional law enforcement firearms training to back it up!  My instructor trained SWAT teams for 25 years.  Thank you Officer Johnson!

Before I started blogging I used to preach and have conversations on the “” forums for several years, specifically the years leading up to the recent election.  I engaged everyone from hardcore Muslims to Nazi thugs.  Mostly it was angry leftists that would engage me.  It is truly sad what they believe and I shared the truth of God’s Word and my testimony with them.  They were not easy conversations and I encountered real vile hatred, but believers must share and defend the truth.  God was always with me in the power of the Spirit, and He got through to many of their hearts.

The democrats have gone so far left that they cannot be trusted with power.  They have violent Antifa thugs (paid for by George Soros, the new world order kingpin) in the streets beating people with clubs, fists, and feet.  They preach hate 24 hours a day non-stop on their news outlets (CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc.) and their politicians have been calling for violence since before Trump was elected.  We have seen the very real violence against Trump supporters across America and it is disgusting!

For 8 years under the last president they tried to change the times and dates and pervert God’s order, and we suffered under their wicked rule!  The last president even declared from the steps of power that America was no longer a Christian nation!  Who did he think he was!  He acted like the Anti-Christ and I rebuke him!  They convinced people that Nazis were somehow right wing when that is the farthest from the truth!  Hitler and his Nationalist Socialist Party were LEFT WING!  Don’t you know history?!  The democrats can’t just lie and change history!  Look at Antifa!  They are leftists and they act just like Hitler’s “brown shirt” thugs clubbing and beating people in the streets!  Where are the cops?   Where is the justice for such violence?!

Nazis were not right wing and it has nothing to do with American Republicans!  Trump is not a racist and it is not racist to want fair deals for your country and it is not racist to protect your country’s borders.  What a bunch of filth and nonsense CNN spews all day!  Just a bunch of race baiting hateful lies from the evil one, the father of lies!  The mainstream media has been sold out and controlled by the leftists for a very long time.  Some might even say since the CIA took over the media in the 50s through Operation Mockingbird, but that is a whole different rabbit hole to go down.

Am I saying Republicans have some kind of monopoly on righteousness?  Of course not!  Both parties are filled with imperfect sinful people, but they are not the ones calling for violence, beating up those with opposing views in the streets, supporting abortion and gay marriage, and calling for the destruction of America and our borders.  It’s the democrats doing that and it is obvious to the whole world now!  Christians and Conservatives have been the object of the left’s hatred and mockery for many years (SNL is one example), so we have seen it for a long time.  Now they can’t hide their anger and hatred and they are out in the open literally going crazy in the streets!  The Lord has revealed their true motives and they can’t hide any longer!

Do you understand that George Soros pays for the destruction of borders through his NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that he sets up?  Do you understand that the democrats have become a radical tool for Soros and the NWO to cause social chaos in order to destroy our laws and borders?  Do you understand that the “refugee crisis” around the world is a Trojan Horse to destroy national borders and sovereignty, so they can set up their world government?

Do you understand the NWO motto is “order out of chaos” and they cause the chaos with their billions of dollars, so they can birth their “new world order”?  Do you know about Agenda 21 and how the United Nations and the EU are involved?  Do you understand the Georgia Guidestones are the evil one’s commandments that the servants of the NWO follow?  Do you also understand that they are dead serious about world depopulation, which is their first commandment?  Do you know about how they intend to start WW3 using the evil vision that the evil one gave to old 33rd degree mason Albert Pike?  Do you understand that all of those things tie in with end times prophecy regarding the coming one world government that will be ruled by the Anti-Christ for 7 years during the Tribulation?  If not, I am telling you now, so now you know.

Yes, there really is a “new world order” and there really are evil people building it for the evil one, and we are seeing the manifestation of it in our time.  How long will it take and when will the Tribulation start are questions only God can answer.  I am keeping my eyes on Jesus and staying on watch.

I am not going to go into everything I have researched regarding the new world order and how they are purposefully destroying our current order and causing chaos around the world in order to dominate the world.  Just know that the destruction of borders and the social violence in our country and around the world is by design and there is big evil money and power behind it.

I vote in accordance with my convictions in the Lord in accordance with God’s Word.  I do not consider myself a Republican or any other party.  Indeed I have had many issues with the Republican party as well, namely George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush who are servants of the NWO and were instrumental in pulling off 9/11 (but I won’t get into all that here).  Many of you already know my views on the inside job of 9/11.

Don’t ever forget what baby Bush said on the front lawn of the Pentagon after it was blown up (no it was not a plane)!  He said: “Don’t worry, we’ll bring order out of chaos.”  Go look it up!  Pretty weird thing to say…unless it is your motto from your secret group of evil world leaders that you belong to!  Remember what his daddy said when he was president, “It’s a big idea!  A new world order!  And when we are successful, and we will be…”.  Know your history and speak the truth about it!  Yes, someday they will be successful and I pray for the souls who are left here during the Tribulation!

I am a Christian first and foremost and I am an American Patriot.  I love my country with all of my heart and I pray for us all.  We cannot allow evil and violence to run rampant in our streets!  We cannot allow babies to be murdered!  We cannot allow God to be mocked as His design and order are perverted!  I didn’t vote for Trump because he was a perfect angel.  I voted for him because of how evil the Clinton family is and because Trump was the boot we needed to kick down the door of the NWO and take our country back!

Trump is not a Republican.  Trump is Trump!  We all knew who he was for many years before he ever ran for president.  He ran on the Republican ticket because that is the party he agrees with the most and to get elected in this country you have to choose a side.  He is his own man and he is a real American Patriot who actually loves our country!  For the first time in many years we have a real American President who was chosen by the people and is actually working for the people!  He is literally going down the list fulfilling his campaign promises and it is incredible to witness!

He stopped the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and got rid of NAFTA for crying out loud!  Praise God!  NAFTA killed our country’s industry and caused rampant unemployment as we watched our jobs go to Mexico, then to China!  TPP would have slit our throats and finished the job NAFTA started!  NAFTA was never designed to be a good deal for America!  It was designed to bleed us dry and destroy us!  Trump is making it right, so the trade deals are not weighted unfairly against us, so praise God for that!  Now he needs to get rid of the privately owned Federal Reserve who took over our country in 1913 with their Federal Reserve Act.

No, the Federal Reserve is not federal and they are not part of our government and it was never constitutional for them to take over the money printing powers!  Go research it please!  They cause the booms, busts, recessions, depressions, and inflation!  We need to be printing our own money, not borrowing it from the Federal Reserve at interest, which causes massive inflation!

Hillary would have signed the TPP in a heartbeat and laughed over our bodies as she watched us finally bleed out!  Hillary was the final nail in the coffin to their de-industrialization scheme and she would have finished the dirty deed with a smile!  Killing the TPP saved our country’s sovereignty and industry from total annihilation!  Look at the democrat controlled cities!  They are bankrupt and filled with crime and violence!  That is because they take your jobs and raise your taxes!  That is the design of destruction they want for the whole country, wake up!

Most importantly Trump declared that we are a Christian nation right when he took power and he gave glory to God as he acknowledged God’s sovereignty over the United States!  He gave the country back to God!  Amen, praise God!!!  He also invited Jesus into the White House by inviting Holy Spirit filled Pastors to pray for him and the country!  He has given glory to God, so praise God he is president and not Hillary, praise God!

Hate Trump if you want to.  Your hate is based on lies.  Hate me if you want to.  It doesn’t bother me.  I am not out here trying to please men.  I am sick of the lies and hatred and I am not ever going to be bullied by anyone!  I am standing up!  Nobody was saying Trump was racist before he was president, remember that.  The leftist democrats had nothing to stand on during the elections (gay marriage, destruction of borders, and murdering babies are not a platform of righteousness folks), so they always play the race card.  That is all they have left in their sick bag of evil tricks.

Since they control the media, they inundate our country with their filthy lies non-stop every single day.  The only people watching mainstream news stations like CNN are the ones who already believe that garbage and hate just like they do.  Everybody knows they are democrat leftists and they don’t tell the truth!  Give us a break!

Trump is not perfect, but God is using him to take our country back and restore what the leftists destroyed!  He is making good deals on trade and taxes that our finally benefiting our people, and our jobs, economy, and GDP have come roaring back!  He got rid of that tyrannical socialist healthcare mandate too!  We tried to warn everyone what that healthcare law was going to do to our country before the last guy got elected twice, but they didn’t listen!  The Lord is making so many things right that the left perverted and destroyed and I praise God that He is using Trump to do it!  God always uses the least likely person, we should know that by now.  God always uses imperfect people to accomplish His righteous plans!

I love how Trump tells the United Nations and the EU that America doesn’t answer to them!  That’s right, we are a sovereign nation with our own borders and that is not hateful or racist!  We don’t want Agenda 21 and as long as God fearing Patriots are alive and well in this country you will never do a mass round up of guns or people in our country either!  We must love and protect our people, and every nation of the world should be doing the same!  Don’t let Soros and the NWO destroy your borders and cause chaos in your societies!  Use the common sense God gave you and see clearly what is going on with the Trojan Horse invasions!  There is a very good reason Israel will not allow Soros into their country!  They won’t allow our CIA in either!  They are wise, God bless all of our brothers and sisters in Israel and God bless the nation of Israel!

If you don’t like what I am saying or you disagree or you are a Christian who votes democrat, then please feel free to post a comment.  Be sure to explain why you think God approves of homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion and why He would approve of you voting that way.  You won’t be able to though because God doesn’t approve of that evil.  You better have your facts straight and be able to back it up in God’s Word too because believe me, my sword is sharp and I am ready in the power of the Holy Spirit to defend God’s Word.  I have had enough of false preachers, liars, and leftists.  I pray for them, but I will also stand up strong for Jesus Christ!

I love my country and I love our president and I am praying for both every day!  I believe America is still the best country to live in and the most free, but we will always have to fight to keep it that way as there will always be people trying to take it from us!  Don’t be scared to stand up and speak the truth!  Don’t fear man, fear God!

Be safe today and vote for righteousness!  Our country’s future and our country’s blessings depend on it!  May God bless America and the whole world with Holy Spirit revival in the Name of Jesus, Amen!

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.”

Psalm 33:12

Grace and peace to you all in the Name of Jesus!

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Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Stand Up For Righteousness!”

  1. I’m praying God answers our prayers for peace, kindness toward one another strengthens, and prosperity continues to grow in our country…and others. May this be God’s will.

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  2. Ryan — Thank you for your courage and your willingness to be bold for the Gospel! Recently, Caralyn of BBB fame weighed in on some topical items, too (Pittsburgh shooting, Gosnell movie). These blog posts (yours and hers) are challenging me to ask the Holy Spirit how He wants to use me in this realm or even if He does. God bless. /Ward

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  3. Thank you for writing this political post on a Christian blog! We Christians can’t simply look the other way. This is the world that we live in, total imperfection, and the elephants in the room need to be addressed by us. Your writing is articulate and spot-on, with a wonderful ending Bible verse. Blessings!

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