Friday Field Trip!

Start of trip

In celebration of Friday, I thought I would take everybody on a little field trip to our local neighborhood Lookout Tower.  It’s just up the street–take a drive with me!

This post will be all pictures and captions–I hope you all enjoy it!  God bless!

Trip 1
We’ve arrived! Here is the Lookout Tower. There are thick woods just over that hill. Remember, mountain lion country out here–watch your back!
Trip 2
Some local foot pokers!
Trip 3
Hope you have good shoes on!
Trip 4
View at the top of the trail. See why lions like it out here? I snowboard out here in the winter if we get enough snow. We call this place “Broskee Village!”
Trip 6
This part of the trail goes down through the woods a bit and back around to the tower.
Trip 5
Let’s head up to the tower, shall we?  See the High School off to the upper right?  That is where the mountain lion was last spotted chasing a herd of deer!
Trip 7
Heading up!
Trip 8
It’s kind of hazy today. We’ve had a lot of fires this summer.
Trip 10
You can barely see the bottom of the foothills today. I will be sure to get a clear shot of the mountains soon.
Trip 9
Back to Thunder!
Back home
Welcome to my home, or, my garage that is!
Back home 2
Welcome, c’mon in!  This is our kitchen. I love the Spanish style cross above the sink!
Back hom 3
C’mon down!
My father in law and I built this basement together. We did all of it, framing, drywall, electric–all of it! Can you tell we have kids? Those bins are for all the Legos. Time to clean up!
basement 3
The walk out door is to the left and there is a back bedroom/office to the right. I just can’t bring myself to take a picture of the bedroom–too messy!
Basement door


basement hallway
This hallway leads left off the stairs away from the main area. The disease took a toll and stuff piled up.  The bathroom is first and the back room is my cozy den where I write to you all.
basement bathroom
Installing tubs and toilets is not fun by the way!
Spider in light
Dead spider in the light–cool! He has been there for a few weeks. I’ll mess with it later.
Ryan den
Welcome my friends to my cozy den of joy! This is where I serve the Lord and build my blog!  Yep, I built this room too. I remember sitting on buckets wiring the outlets at 2 a.m. with my father in law.
Den calendar
Yeah, Bob Ross! I grew up with him and his happy little trees!
Den calendar 2
Good advice!
Bison art
Cool bison art titled “Chief” by Robert Bateman. Due to Celiac, our family eats free range bison from South Dakota.  Check out Wild Idea Buffalo Company at  The meat is delicious and it helped save my life!  I’m like Dances With Wolves up in here!
911 picture
I got that picture from a friend when she lived in New York. She was there when 9/11 happened. That is the famous cross they found formed from the wreckage.
Den couch
It’s tight in here, but it fits!  Nice place to rest, think, and pray!  Yeah, I play a little guitar.  Gotta bust out that praise and worship! Those are my sons laser tag toy guns.  He loves playing that with me.
The Never Summer Legacy 159″. Yeah baby, 12,000 feet straight down, droppin’ in!
Protect your melon!
Bible pic
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

I hope you enjoyed my little Friday Field Trip!

Grace and peace to you all!

Den calendar 2
I just had to!

Jesus fish




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  1. Let me guess… Colorado?! We’re in Arizona. Looks like a great time. Loved all the photos… I feel like I know you now. LOL

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