People Are Done With Masks

Scrolling through Twitter right before bed isn’t always a good idea, but last night I’m glad I did. It was very encouraging to see video after video of people protesting the masks all around the world. I loved the one of people in Greece throwing their masks in a big pile in a public square and stomping on them. I cheered for that one! Then there was one from California that had me in tears I was laughing so hard! It was almost midnight and I just laughed and laughed! It was very refreshing after fighting so hard to get the truth out. People are waking up and people are totally done with the masks!

Real quick before I get into that, I hope this post works right. Many of us here on WordPress do not like the new block editor. I tried the classic block, but it will not recognize proper double spacing after each sentence. It changes it to a single space after each sentence, which makes the paragraphs look crowded. I contacted support, but they said they couldn’t fix it. They recommended the Preformatted block because that should save it the way you type it, but that was weird and didn’t look right. The Paragraph block is what I am using now and have been on my last few posts. It also changes the double spacing to single after I publish it. I don’t understand why a blogging company would change their platform to a system that doesn’t understand proper writing, but they did.

I am a writer and a preacher. I just want to write and preach. I don’t want to mess with all these ridiculous blocks that don’t work right, so I just start typing on a blank sheet. Sorry if the paragraphs are single spaced after each sentence. I do understand proper spacing. WordPress messed up their platform. It almost makes me want to leave WordPress, but I’ve been on here for two years now and have written over 500 blog posts. Never had a problem with spacing or anything before. Hopefully they fix the spacing issue soon. Hang in there fellow bloggers!

Okay, so about that hilarious video. Here it is. This is exactly how I feel about the masks! God bless this guy for the peaceful and hilarious way he protests! I hope the video works, enjoy!

Do you see what I mean?! People have had enough! A Patriot doctor put out a warning on Twitter yesterday that wearing masks for prolonged periods of time is dangerous to our health. I mean really, people, duh! Inhibiting the flow of oxygen into your lungs and building up carbon dioxide in your lungs is not good for our bodies, especially for our kids and seniors!

Nobody can make us do something that is dangerous to our health! The word “mandatory” does not apply to masks, or vaccines, or Digital ID microchips, or anything else they want to force on us! THEY DO NOT OWN US! THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DOMINATE US! THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DOMINATE OUR CHILDREN! WE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES!

We all must take a stand and stop living in fear before we lose all of our freedoms to a small band of psychotic liberal tyrants. That guy at Disneyland made my day yesterday and it felt so good to laugh that hard! He showed us all just how ridiculous these masks truly are!

We already know they lied to us about the death rates! Go live your lives and be free! No more lies! No more fear! No more tyranny! Live in the truth, be brave in the truth, and trust in God! Masks are a mind control device and a muzzle, and we will not be enslaved or silenced! I will not submit to the new world order! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, and I bow to Him alone!!!

“Who, being in very nature God,

did not consider equality with God

something to be grasped,

but made himself nothing,

taking the very nature of a servant,

being made in human likeness.

And being found in appearance as a


he humbled himself

and became obedient to death–

even death on a cross!

Therefore God exalted him to the

highest place

and gave him the name that is above

every name,

that at the name of Jesus every knee

should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under

the earth,

and every tongue confess that Jesus

Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father.”

Philippians 2:6-11

Grace and peace to you all!

Author: Ryan Callahan

Hello, and welcome to my site! I am an independent Christian author (One Man's Very Strange Supernatural Life), blogger, and evangelist for Jesus. My main goal with this blog is to help people come to know Jesus, help people understand the Bible, and to minister to a lost and hurting world. This site is about hope, new beginnings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love! I'm glad you are here, God bless you! Copyright © 2023 Ryan Callahan. All rights reserved.

49 thoughts on “People Are Done With Masks”

      1. I very quick glance over the new wp looks like it’s catering to those who have more complex blogs where they use them for income. If so, just give us the option to keep the simple one. Sheesh, I doubt I’ll take the time to try to figure it out, mostly because I don’t have the time.

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  1. Great one! We are free to make our own decisions.

    I’ve been using this new editor for several months. Essentially each block is a paragraph. If you like the formatting on my posts, then you can achieve the exact same.

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      1. I use it as is and don’t adjust the format.

        When writing within the same block, I don’t touch anything (i.e. font size, line height) and it looks clean. As long as you don’t hit enter, you stay within the same paragraph and the spacing (i.e. line height) remains the same.

        When I want to start writing a new paragraph, I hit enter. The spacing you see is then between paragraphs, which can’t be controlled.

        You can adjust line height within the same paragraph/block by using the ‘line height’ feature.

        I made a video to show you how I write and adjusted the line height for testing purposes, to show where that setting is and what it does:

        It’s a good practice to keep paragraphs up to a maximum of 4 lines, ideally within 3, due to the low attention span most readers “suffer” from when reading on screens.

        Hope this helps!

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      2. Okay, thanks, that’s good to know. I’m actually talking about pressing the space bar twice after each sentence. That is what it keeps changing. I tap the space bar twice, but it changes it to a single space like I only pressed it once. Not having any trouble with paragraph spacing. It’s a weird system.


      3. Oh, I see! That would typically be interpreted as a typo by modern editors, so they automatically remove extra spaces. You could bypass that by typing random characters or periods to achieve the extra space you’re looking for instead of using the space bar. Then change the font color for those characters/periods to match your background. This way, they wouldn’t be visible to your readers.

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      4. Weird. Since when is a proper double space after each sentence a typo? That has been proper writing for a long time. I definitely don’t have time to mess with all that.😅 Thanks for your help!

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  2. That guy did have a sense of humor putting his mask “over” his nose, and made quite the statement doing it. I can see you laughing so hard over his gesture, Ryan. ha! I noticed his little grin at the end. What is mind blowing is how some doctors have reported that wearing masks does not stop from spreading or getting the virus, but here we all are looking like the Masked Marauder from a Marvel comic book. Just nuts. This is so pathetically politicized and so far, not been proven to be scientific. I feel you’re right, Ryan and I think these mind games will all be over as soon as President Trump wins his second term. Praise God!
    I think your paragraph format looks fine, Ryan, easy to read. Love ya! Mom

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  3. Just to clarify a small point (pun unintended!): there are four “style” guides (AMA, APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style), which vary from one another in odd ways. For example, the APA publication manual uses only one space after a period, while I believe the MLA uses two. So there is no single correct way to punctuate the end of a declarative sentence with a period (aka “full stop”).

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    1. By the way, I’ve been using Block Editor for almost a year and I love it! I know it seems restrictive to you now, but once you get used to it you’ll probably like it. I’ve noticed though, it seems to behave differently depending on your Theme. Some themes are more restrictive than others. Mine allows me to do quite a lot and it’s so much better than the old way. Just thought I’d throw out that plug.

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      1. Yeah, I felt that way too at first. But now when I see paragraphs or sentences that are double spaced it drives me crazy. Makes it hard for me to read because it seems disjointed to me. My pet peeve is how traditionally hyphenated words are now changing to leave out the hyphen. It works for most words, but not for others and I hate it!

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  4. Very well said. I have been sick of masks since May (I’m ahead of the curve). Unfortunately I do not see people in my area getting sick of them. Like all the sheep out there they simply go along with it. I am getting very frustrated and don’t even go to the store any more. Our church even mandated them to enter the building. They’ll let you take them off in your seat but you have to wear them to fellowship and talk to people indoors. We have not been back there in almost who months. This needs to end soon. The lack of human contact and interaction is having a detrimental effect on our society.

    (Sorry for the bit of a rant. It is hard for me to find people who agree with me on this. )

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  5. For the readers who are waiting for all this business to end, it will never end. For once, this one is over, they have lists of things which they make up daily. It’s ongoing. But that requires all of us to understand and realize what is happening, then educate ourselves and our family, learn about our government and country, and support those of constitutional principles, never mind their personalities, and do what is in the best for the country. And we as voters must vote what is right, again, never mind the personalities, but what leads to liberty with responsibility. In this way, the more constitutional people are in those “higher” positions, supporting us, the less of these worries will you see. But it takes time. And so, we all have to be patient, not reactive, calm in our everyday life, and follow what we see and understand.

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    1. Amen, I pray the Lord removes wicked people from power and He installs righteous people who will uphold the Constitution. Governor DeSantis just opened up the entire state here in FL and he banned mandatory masks. It’s great having a conservative Governor who respects & protects our rights. God bless!


    1. That’s exactly right! There were people who were never tested that tested positive and there were a bunch of false positives for people who had absolutely no symptoms. It’s all a lie. Thank God people are waking up!

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      1. It could be possible. Before I was a believer, I was a hardcore researcher and believer in UFOs and aliens. I’ve looked into it throughout my walk with Christ too. Bill Cooper’s writings are phenomenal. After getting saved and after all the spiritual things I’ve been through, I think aliens are most likely demons. The UFOs are government projects. However, there is plenty of evidence that those things could be actual aliens. I suppose we may never know until we get to Heaven.😊

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      2. Sounds pretty similar to my beliefs. I still believe that at least some of the UFO/alien encounters are demonic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re the only life in the universe – especially given some photos of Mars clearly show forests, vegetation, ruins & artificial structures, etc, and one seems to show sheep.

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      3. It is interesting and fun to explore, or in my case, to read about scientist’s and NASA’s research and exploration. I like the idea of venturing out, learning, for who knows what we might find. It doesn’t have to be about life, however, but whatever we do discover. I still wish they would spend more time on the moon, since it’s so close, to better understand the connection, if any, with the Earth, like if the moon was once a part before spinning off as my childhood encyclopedias had theories, which would require comparisons in soil.

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      4. Can you imagine what we might learn with thorough searches, setting up a station on the moon? And should we ever be able to put men and women on Mars, all that might be discovered, things we can imagine and haven’t?

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